8 Ways People Cheat on their Partners without Even Knowing

Having an illicit affair is not even on your list. You love your significant other and you had never been disloyal to her or him. But, you may not be of aware of other ways you are cheating on your partner. And if you continue down this path, you may end up finding yourself on a dangerous course that leads to sorrow, loneliness, and an unintended affair you never wanted in your life. Usually, unfaithfulness sneaks in through the back door, veiling itself as a fun, innocent or harmless behavior. However, if you want your relationship to endure and be filled with joy, you may need to check out the following list to ensure if you have fallen prey to any of these behaviors before your partner uses a spy app for android to find the truth.

1. Spending More Time with a Person than Partner

When you are filled with the desire to spend more of your time with another person, naturally you start to resent the time you spend with your other half or on work-related responsibilities and activities. As a result, you begin to make excuses or pull yourself away from regular activities with your partner, family, and work. But it won’t take your family members and partners long enough to discern you are petulant, reserved, and unhappy.

2. When You Begin to Lie to Your Partner

So you think lying is not a big deal, but can a little white lie really hurt your relationship? The honest answer is, yes. If you have a reason to lie about something it means you are being disloyal to your partner. Why? A committed relationship should have an open and honest communication at all times. If you are going to manipulate your partner with your lies, even if they are only small, you will only get into trouble because sometimes even small lies have big consequences. A committed relationship’s foundations are built on trust and one sure way to break that belief is to be caught out when lying.

3. Thinking You Are Just Friends With Opposite-Sex

If you are one of those who thinks they are just friends with opposite sex, go back over. Friends of the opposite sex often develop certain expectations of one another that creates complications. So if you are having a friendship with a member of opposite sex, you may be trying to move through treacherous waters. Soon you will either start making excuses or plainly begin to lie about things you know in your gut is wrong. No matter, how strongly entertainment channels and media platforms promote the idea of having a friendship with opposite sex, you must stick to your partner because such a relationship demands unconditional trust.

4. Sharing Relationship Issues With Opposite Gender

Sharing relationship issues with a member of the opposite gender can put you in a vulnerable position. It may seem harmless as all you need is a shoulder to cry on, but it can lead to comforting arms and inappropriate hugs. Something you have never wished-for. Private problems should, therefore, be kept within your relationship. Whatever is troubling you talk about it with your partner because that is your best shoulder to cry on. If that’s not working, then turn to a therapist, clergyman or a trusted family member. Rather turning to a person who may think of it an invitation to intimacy and destroy your bond with your partner.

5. Not Revealing Your Relationship Status

Of course, you don’t need to tell everyone you meet that you are married, but should the situation demands and it’s appropriate, then there is no harm in telling a person about your status. However, if you have deliberately hidden the fact that you are engaged in a long-term relationship, then you seriously need to ask yourself why you have done this and what intentions you have for hiding your relationship status. People who have used a spy app for android to keep tabs on their partners often found that their partners hide relationship status when they have intentions of perusing a gender of opposite sex. If that’s the case with you, then that is not okay.

6. Talking Negative About Your Partner

Your soul mate is your best friend. He or she is the last person on earth you should talk about negatively. When you are true friends you can never say bad things about your mate. Else, it would be a huge act of unfaithfulness. People engaged in long-term relationships should do all in their power to protect their friendship and reputation. If you have a problem with your lover, talk it out with him or her and let your conversations with others emphasize on the good things about your partner. Now that’s being faithful and loyal to your beloved. The only exception here is abuse. If he or she abuses you, it needs to be reported to the police, counselor, and a trusted relative or friend. The idea is to keep yourself safe.

7. Avoiding Your Partner’s Questions

When your partner asks you about somebody or something, then avoiding their questions is just, as bad, as betraying or lying to them. A lot of people believe if they do not directly answer a question they will be able to escape from the accusation of an indiscretion. In reality, this isn’t true. In fact, it can cause a lot of problems for you down the line. Also, you need to mull over why you don’t want to tell the truth.

8. Sending Inappropriate Messages to a Member of Opposite Sex

We exist in the digital world where things can be pretty confusing at times as there is a very thin line between fiction and reality. It can get blurred when you are using a small screen. The important thing to remember is while you have not physically met the person you are messaging, the conversations you are having with him or her are real and it can instigate true feelings. So if you want to stay loyal to your lover it’s better to stay away from initiating such conversations. One thing leads to another and before you can know it, your relationship is in serious jeopardy. Even if you consider it an innocent talk with a stranger or an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, it may likely to end in sorrow.


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