How to Pick the Right Men’s Watches for Your Style?

At times, just changing a watch band could be very effective to make the entire watch look great. There is a rising population that prefers to keep different colored and different types of mens watches with them. These fashion enthusiasts’ people use different bands for different occasions.

Some of the features that play a key role in the selection of mens watches are-

# 1. Non-tapered Watch bands

The variety in the number of non-tapered mens watches is very less in the market. If the individual has a big wrist, then the tapered band should be longer in length. However, these bands are priced highly because these bands are ordered to be manufactured and are very hard to find in the market space. Even if the individual ends up paying a lot of money for the longer band, the watchband might still not fit the hand of the user.

# 2. Watch bands for Bigger Wrists

Individuals who have big wrists will like to wear big watches. This mandates that the user should go for are longer and wider strap. There are certain brands in the market that make the watch bands that are removable. These bands are created in such a way that any user can remove the bands very easily and put them back later. Also, additional nomos mens watches are provided to the user in case if the user accidentally breaks the watch band or misplaces it somewhere else.

# 3. Pick Up a Band That Fits the Wrist

The band selected by the user should not be too loose or too tight. If the band is very loose, the sight of the user adjusting the watch from falling from the wrist can be an eye sore for the user’s friends and family members. If the watch band is too tight, then it is possible for the blood flow at the wrist to get constricted. Hence, the right kind of fit should be chosen in order to ensure that the user feels comfortable with the watch on his/her wrist.

# 4. Pick a Watch Band the Complements the Color of the Dial

The material and color of dial can either make or break the look of the entire watch. Some people will go for a brown colored band to match to the brown colored dial. Some people will like to jazz it up by choosing bling in their bands. Overall, it is very important for the band to go along with the personality of the user. Some people would like to keep it very formal by going for a formal-looking watch band, while some go for a casual watch band that matches a casual watch dial. As the trends are changing every day, there are many colors available in the market. The user should select a color that is pleasant for the eye and also accentuate the apparel worn by the user.

# 5. Measurements of the Bands

The way in which the measurements of mens watches are listed can get confusing. Hence, the user must spend some time in reading about the different dimensions of the mens watches. The first dimension shown is the lug width, which can be found stamped on the bands inside portion. The second dimension shows the strap’s width close to where the buckle is located. The third dimension shows the strap’s length. An average watchband is close to 7.875 inches from one end to the other end.

# 6. Check If the Watch Band Comes with a Buckle

When you’re looking for a watch band, it is very important for you to check if the band comes with an in-built buckle. Usually, every supplier attaches a cheap buckle to each watch band. Hence, it is better to attach the buckle provided by the manufacturer in order to ensure that the buckle is serviceable for a long time.


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