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Affordable Bathroom Tips for First Time Buyers

As a first-time home buyer, one of the essential things you have to do after purchasing your house is converting it into a home. Since the bathroom is one of the home’s vital areas, it makes sense to invest in making this space as lovely and functional as possible. Below are some affordable bathroom upgrade tips for first-time buyers you should know.


Paint genuinely transforms rooms, so consider coating your bathroom walls with fresh colour to transform this interior space. Painting your walls removes wear, tear, and scuff marks to help bring out the room’s potential. You can choose several great bathroom colours like creamy white, light blue, and soft grey to bring life into your bathroom space. Painting your bathroom is an excellent idea because it’s inexpensive, ensuring that you genuinely brighten up your bathroom’s look without spending too much.

Use acrylic shower panels

Acrylic is an excellent material to use in a bathroom because it’s easy to clean, making it an ideal shower panel material. Therefore, you can install coloured acrylic splashbacks in your bathroom to protect its walls from water damage. You can easily install shower splashbacks, and they’re very hygienic. You can even consider using acrylic for several other purposes in your bathroom. Replacing your shower curtain with an acrylic shower screen and using acrylic sink splashbacks are other ideas worth considering.

Update fixtures and furniture

For those on a tight budget, changing some of your bathroom’s furniture and hardware is one of the quickest and easy ways to upgrade. Your sink faucets, light fixtures, drawers, and towel racks are some of the standard fixtures you can update in your bathroom to give it a modern, new feel. Replacing these items may seem insignificant, but they go a long way in transforming your bathroom’s look.

Invest in large tiles

Large-format tiles have become popular with homeowners of late, so you can invest in these to spruce up your bathroom space on a budget. Larger bathroom tiles mean fewer grout lines, making your bathroom appear neater always. Also, they cover more space, so fewer tiles need to be fitted. These tiles are easy to install, so you save money on workmanship and costs simultaneously.

Freshen your grout and caulk

An often overlooked but essential bathroom detail is grout and caulk, so you can consider this budget-friendly option for the best results. Grimy caulk and grout can make for unsightly viewing that can take a lot away from your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal. However, by simply cleaning your grout and adding clean, straight caulk lines around your tub and sinks, you can bring sparkle into your bathroom space. Grout and caulk are inexpensive, making this a very cheap way to freshen up your bathroom.

Add convenient storage

Storage improves any bathroom’s look, so exploring creative storage ideas is worth considering for your bathroom. You can easily fit a medicine cabinet above your bathroom sink, adding functionality and style to this space.

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