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All You Have To Know If You Stay In Cancun Hotel Zone

The Cancun Hotel Zone offers luxurious hotels that provide a great base for daytime activities such as snorkeling by the reef or lazing on the beach to an unsurpassed night of fun with some of the best nightlife in the world. Downtown Cancun is the place to go for authentic Mexican food and to see the life and culture of ‘real’ Mexico. Plenty of tours, nightclubs, restaurants, water sports and ancient Mayan ruins in near proximity mean there is something for everyone.

Travelers flock year-round to these shores for bed & beach & fun in cancun hotel zone, warm weather, powdery beaches, active nightlife, and fine lodgings. The powdery beaches and warm turquoise waters make this area a water sports wonderland. Swim by yourselves…or with dolphins. Try parasailing or windsurfing. Glide through coral reefs off Cozumel or Isla Mujeres. Rent a sailboat. On land, go horseback riding or climb the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza. Savor cuisine prepared by gourmet chefs. At night, dance to salsa or mariachi bands, tour the discos, or mellow out at a jazz bar.

Cancun may be the ideal resort and full of interesting things to do. You must remember you are in the land of the Maya and also the Caribbean. There are other very interesting and incredibly beautiful places to visit, just a short distance away from Cancun. A four lane highway stretches almost all the way to Tulum, making for easy day trips to Playa del Carmen, Xcaret, Xel Ha, Tulum and even Coba. Cozumel can be reached by way of ferry from Playa del Carmen or plane from Cancun and Isla Mujeres is just a short boat ride from Cancun. Plan some time to visit one or more of the ruins or beautiful islands or parks. Chichen Itza is a little further away (2 1/2 hours by car), but there are many day tours available from Cancun.

Cancun is blessed with the incredible powdery white sand beaches which seem to be exclusive to the Caribbean sea. The combination of the warm crystal clear water and the soft warm sand make for near perfect conditions. The most popular beaches seem to be anywhere along the Hotel Zone, which runs the entire length of Cancun Island. There are many other beaches near Cancun that are worthy of a day trip.

Getting There

Of course, you can’t really take a proper Cancun Mexico vacation without knowing the details of getting there. First, you need to know its location. Cancun is situated in the State of Quintana Roo. That is, it is located at the most southern tip of the peninsula on Mexico’s Caribbean Coast.

Divided into two sections, you can choose where to spend your Cancun Mexico vacation between the Hotel Zone (Zona Hotelera) which is a sandy strip of land, stretching 22 kilometers between a lagoon and seaside hotels located on Cancun Island; and Cancun City Downtown, otherwise known as El Centro, which is home to the many Mexicans who live in the district and located on the mainland.

Most flights coming in to Mexico end up in the International Airport where a bus usually waits for passengers to drive them to their respective Cancun hotel or resort. If not, you may ask a porter or just walk over to the bus stand right at the end of the front of the terminal.

If you decided to take a charter plane, the Charter Airport will be your stop point. Here, you can take advantage of the shuttle service right out the front exit/entrance of the airport.

Things To Do

A Cancun hotel zone is an exciting way to spend your precious time away from work and the hectic daily life you lead. Blvd kukulcan cancun hotels has so many things to offer that you can barely imagine, let alone experience, all of them.

But if you want a safe bet, the best attraction that a Cancun hotel zone has is the Caribbean Sea and the many powdery beaches running right along it. After all, this is the reason that Cancun exists. Thus, it goes without saying that the primary attractions a Cancun hotel zone has are aquatic oriented. So you have diving, snorkeling, fishing, water parks, kayaking, jet skiing, canoeing, sailing, and just plain swimming.

If you’ve had enough of beaches and water and want to try something new, check out the “big attractions” just a one to two hour drive from Cancun. These include Xcaret, Xel-Ha, which are cenotes and ruins sites, easily accessible via tours, Mexican bus, or car rental.

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