Gift-Giving Etiquette

Three Basic Rules in Gift Giving You Should Never Break

Buying gifts is tricky. Whether it’s a birthday present, holiday giving, or an anniversary gift, it’s important to pick something the person will like and appropriate for the occasion and recipient. Different celebrations and people require different presents, so it’s tough to tell whether something is good or not.

The origin of gift giving has its ancient roots that date back to early Christianity. Gift giving has become art itself that improves relationships, lifts someone’s mood, repairs wrongdoings, or simply reminds a person you care. Psychologists have been fascinated by the idea of gift giving and its role in human character. Gifting tells so much about how humans form and maintain relationships through presents and how they assign value to certain things or gestures.

Gift wrapping has also become a form of art as well. It adds a personal touch and an element of surprise to gifts, which tells so much about the amount of effort given to the present. In fact, arts and craft stores have made gift wrapping special by selling gift wrappers, ribbons, and clear gift boxes that you can customize by adding stickers, colors, and cutouts.

Whatever the occasion, giving gifts has become a social ritual that requires careful consideration and preparation. That said, here are the gift-giving etiquette that you should know to make your gift stand out.

Give Something Unique And Consumable

Have you ever received something you can’t forget even years have passed? You may have received a handful of nice gifts that are a step above what you normally get for yourself.

When it comes to the best gift ideas, people often go for gifts that best represent the recipient. But many of us have forgotten the value of consumable and long-lasting gifts. When giving presents, it’s important to think of something the receiver will appreciate and use repeatedly.

The challenge lies in finding the perfect gift for someone you don’t know. One way to do this is to give something they can consume. For example, ask the person about a specific food or beverage they like. Then, look for something top-notch and fancy, or anything they don’t usually get for themselves. If they love chocolate bars, why not buy from a luxury chocolate brand?

When buying something consumable and expensive, always compare the cost. Top-shelf items are a great start, but if there are budget limits, consider a quality consumable present instead.

Stop Making It About You

Gift giving is not about you. While this sounds obvious, many people forget and twist this rule easily. When it comes to weddings, birthdays, and holidays, most people want to give something to impress the recipient and stand out from other guests. But giving gifts for the purpose of showing off is just serving your own vanity.

One rule you should never break in gift giving is to make the gift all about the receiver. Don’t splurge on something just to show off your wealth or make a statement about your generosity. If the budget is tight, there’s no problem about being thrifty.

A recipient will certainly appreciate a DIY gift, especially if you took the time and effort to make one. You can also offer your skills, such as cooking their favorite meal or playing sports with them.

Another mistake is assuming the receiver will like a present just because you like it too. Avoid giving them something you like and expecting them to feel the same way. Chances are that the gift will just end up inside a cabinet.

Don’t Get Them A Gift If They Don’t Want To

When the person tells you not to buy them a gift, this can mean two things: the person just needs your presence at the event that they organized, or they don’t want to feel obligated to spend on something in return.

If this happens, offer a more creative gesture. Do this by taking them out for lunch or give them something you own that they’ve been admiring for a while. You can also go for something meaningful by writing a handmade letter or babysitting their kid.

Now you’re familiar with the basic etiquette of gift giving, consider our suggestions above the next time you’re about to spend money on a loved one. In the end, gifting shouldn’t be so stressful, it’s should promote happiness between you and the receiver. If you’re still unsure what to get them, keep in mind that it’s always the thought that counts.

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