What are the Benefits of Artificial Grass
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What are the Benefits of Artificial Grass and How Long they Last?

One of the main benefits of artificial grass is the lush beauty that it has.  It always looks amazing in any climate and weather condition, as opposed to real grass that only tolerates certain conditions.

Other benefits of artificial grass include:

  • Affordable
  • Low maintenance
  • Sustainable
  • Long lasting
  • Saves money on mowing equipment
  • Great drainage
  • Safe
  • No watering needed
  • No mowing, weed eating or wasting days working in the yard
  • Environmentally better
  • Improves home value
  • Curb appeal

As a homeowner, you want your home to look its best and this includes your landscaping and lawn.  Your lawn should be a place where you can be comfortable, enjoy spending time with your family and have it look good without spending every Saturday working on it.  Homeowners get these benefits and much more with our artificial grass.

Artificial grass can be installed in as little as three days, depending on the size of your lawn.  Homeowners that often deal with droughts understand how hard it is to grow a nice looking lawn.  Have you ever noticed that most major sports arenas have opted to have artificial grass? The reason is because of the cost and the ability to provide great looking grass that withstands extreme sports, all weather and without the high cost to maintain it.

Homeowners across the country are turning to artificial grass.  It is better for the environment and overall it can last up to twenty years or longer if maintained properly.  If you think you could never afford artificial grass, then think again.  It is actually affordable.  It will pay for itself quickly, because you no longer have to hire a lawn crew or supplies to do it yourself.

RealTurf has many different varieties of realistic artificial grass products available along with custom-designed artificial grass putting greens complete with multi-levels, slopes and even unique artificial grass chipping areas.  Because there are so many great products available, it is important to communicate your situation with a RealTurf rep so you get a product that is made for your application.  Remember, not all artificial grasses are the same!

How long does artificial grass last?

How long does artificial grass last

The life expectancy of artificial grass can depend on different factors. The life expectancy of artificial grass will depend on how it was installed and maintained.  If it has been installed properly and maintained, it can last on an average of ten to fifteen years. The life expectancy of artificial grass also depends on how intensively the grass is used and played on.  If there is an area on the grass that is used a lot, this area may not last as long as other areas.

Artificial grass is durable, easy to maintain and offers a safe and luxurious looking lawn. The price is affordable especially when you consider you don’t have to mow the lawn anymore. The cost of purchasing lawn equipment, fertilizing, spraying pesticides, watering and purchasing gas for your lawn mower will end. The installation of the artificial grass will pay for itself in no time as you don’t have to tend to cost of a regular lawn.

Artificial grass can be installed almost anywhere.  It is especially perfect for areas where it is near impossible to grow grass.  It is easy to keep clean.  One of the best benefits of having artificial grass is bugs are not attracted to the grass.  There is no nutrients for bugs to feed on, so they move on to a real grass, leaving the artificial grass bug and pest free.

Artificial grass used to be only affordable by the rich and famous. Nowadays, the cost is allowing all homeowners to add artificial grass to their home.  It isn’t just popular in hard to grow grass regions, but everywhere. Artificial grass can be installed in just one or two days. Once the area has been measured and sized, the grass will be ordered, delivered and installed by professional grass installers. 

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