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Why Do You Need To Clean Up Your Closet With Organic Fabric Wear?

What were your considerations the last time around you bought something to wear? Sure, we reckon they must be comfort, appearance, size, and price. As long as it would have fitted your style, body structure, and doesn’t burn your pocket, you must have been a happy customer at the end of the day. But did you consider another condition you could have easily brushed aside, under normal circumstances?  If your guess was going for organic fabric over synthetic ones, you probably got it right.

If the outward show is anything to go by, then selecting organic clothing over synthetic fabrics can be a long march. But thankfully, we see more brands ‘going green’ and embracing naturally or organically grown materials in their production methods. There are quite a number of reasons why you should clean up your closet with organic or natural wear.

1. Your skin would love it

Are you skin conscious and skin aware? Then, you should know what you are wearing. If you take in a lot of organic fruits and veggies to tone your skin and keep it shining and healthy, then preferring organic clothing over synthetic ones shouldn’t be a problem for you. When your skin comes into contact with the chemicals, pesticides and synthetic dyeing materials that go into during the production of synthetic fibers, it can develop one form of irritation or the other. Also, Skin Cancer Foundation has rated organic cotton as a material highly rated for skin protection.

2. Farmers are our best friends

A recent joint study by the FAO, UNEP and WHO shows that between 1 and 3% of agricultural workers and farmers globally suffer from severe pesticide poisoning and that roughly 1 million agricultural workers will require hospitalization every year. Sample this: an estimated figure of 25 -77 million agricultural workers globally will be affected by pesticide poisoning of one form or the other every year. If we can help increase our demand for organic fibers, we can help our best friends —farmers, belonging to local communities, to work in a zero-pesticide and chemical free environment.

3. Do your bit to protect the earth in going ‘green’

PUMA, a global brand, commissioned a study of homegrown organic cotton in one region of India that went on to find that global warming was reduced by 40% and primary energy demand and water consumption was lowered by 40%. This means a lesser amount of chemical leach into water sources, landfills, ocean and steams. Climatic change is one of the biggest challenges confronting humanity, and it becomes our prime responsibility to reduce the impact that synthetic fibers and their production processes will have on our planet. With the US government policy paralyzing all the efforts worldwide in reducing carbon print and going ‘green’, we can take a few things in our stride, and do our bit in conserving ecological balance.

4. It is better for you

Organic fiber is supremely soft, breathable and gentle on your skin. You can try it for yourself and see the difference. It can last longer and wash better than synthetic fabric versions. Synthetic fabric can also break down much more easily and turn ‘fuzzy’ when it is put through frequent washing. Because the chemicals used in the production methods of organic clothing, in addition to the dying stuff, can come into direct contact with the skin, most synthetic clothes cause direct health risks including birth defects, reproductive defects and weakening of immune systems. On the other hand, take for organic cotton that is cultivated by hand rather than by machines, it doesn’t need chemicals of any form and bleaching to make it more durable when making it into the textile.

Last Words:

The biggest disadvantage of organic clothing is that it is slightly expensive compared to the traditionally synthetic ones, but that shouldn’t stop you from investing in it in the long run. You, for sure, won’t be disappointed with your decision! This article is written by Shameer who is a blogger and an SEO Expert. He loves writing trendy Fashion articles. At present he blogs for, an online fashion store that specializes in the trendy and unique range of clothing for children and adults. If you loved this article then don’t forget to share and comment.


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