How to Create The Perfect Home Office With These 7 Must-Haves
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Create The Perfect Home Office With These 7 Must-Haves

Working from home?  Whether you’re an entrepreneur running your new business or have recently started working remotely, the key to maximum productivity is to set up your home office so it’s efficient and comfortable. Here are 7 must-haves to get you started on the right foot.

1. A great chair

You’re going to spend hours at your desk, so a comfortable chair with adequate lumbar support is essential.  To avoid neck problems, eyestrain, and headaches, the chair should be at the right height:  the middle of the screen should be in your eye-line when you’re looking straight ahead.

2. The right tools

A powerful internet connection is a given. Consider whether your needs updating. Technology is changing constantly, so when you’re looking for new desktops or printers for your home office, go for space-saving feature rich-models which will help you to work faster.

3. Office supplies

Make sure you have all those things you take for granted in the office, close to hand. Pens, markers, photocopy paper, down to paperclips and staples.  There’s no time to waste hunting for the small stuff, so stock up, and create your own stationery store, neatly hidden behind cupboard doors. Don’t forget that snacks also count as essential office supplies!

4. Storage

Adequate storage space is a no-brainer.  Calculate how much you’ll need right now, then double it.  Few of us achieve our ideal of an entirely paper-free work environment, so keep your desk clear and your office organized by ensuring you have enough cupboards, hanging files, and shelves to keep everything where it’s easy to find.

5. Wall space

Although devices are great for planning and tracking, sometimes more obvious visual prompts can help us see the big picture. Make use of your walls by adding whiteboards, which are great for solo-brainstorming, and pinboards for reminders and lists. A simple wall calendar or year planner can give an instant overview of what’s coming up.  Standing up as you update your boards can also be a great break when you’ve been sitting at your desk for long periods.

6. A view

Staring at the computer screen for hours on end- not good.  Our eyes need a rest from time to time. Position your chair so that, if possible, it’s facing towards a window and you can focus on the world outside every few minutes. These moments of pause are great to clear the mind and reduce stress.  If you’re not lucky enough to have a great view, the right indoor plants can help bring nature indoors for you.

7. A door

Perhaps the most basic requirement for an ideal home office is a door. Closing the door can signal to the family that you’re in work mode, and shouldn’t be disturbed. It will help you avoid distractions so that you spend your work time productively.  And when you’ve completed your day’s tasks, and tidied your desk, leaving the room and closing the door firmly behind you will help to maintain the distinction between work time and free time. Enjoy your relaxation, you’ll have earned it!

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