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The Essential Prom Planning Guide For an Unforgettable Night

It’s the night you’ve been dreaming of since you can remember. Gorgeous dresses, the perfect date, flawless makeup, and a night you’ll never forget.

Proper prom planning can be overwhelming but is the foolproof way of ensuring that everything is as magical as you imagine it to be.

Check out our essential checklist for the perfect prom night so you can start ticking off the steps to your fairytale night.

Plan Your Outfit

Arguably the most important part of the perfect prom night for every young woman is their outfit. If you’re interested in trendy prom dresses 2021, try to choose something that emanates your personality rather than the trendiest designs.

Get some inspiration for some styles before you go out shopping so you can know what you’re looking for. Choose a dress style that is flattering and comfortable. You don’t want to worry about things like awkward straps when you’re dancing the night away.

Accessorize Correctly

Once you have the perfect prom dress, you can start to think about matching accessories. The dress will help you with directions. If you have an outfit with a lot of glitz and ornamental touches, your jewelry should be more understated.

Find a beautiful but functional bag to carry all of your essentials. Think about what you’ll need to carry with you and find a good-sized bag to accommodate it all.

Find Suitable Shoes and Break Them In

Always look for a shoe color that matches the color of your dress. Remember to break in your shoes before prom night as you don’t want to be hobbling around with blisters and sore feet while the party is happening.

Experiment With Hair and Makeup

Put on your dress and explore different hairstyles and prom makeup styles a few days before. Try a subtle nude look as well as a bold and dramatic look, you may be surprised to see that what looks good isn’t what you were expecting.

Book Appointments

If you’re planning on getting professional hair and makeup or a manicure beforehand, book the appointments early. You don’t want to find out your favorite glam-expert is all booked up a couple of days before prom.

Organize Pre-Prom Plans

Are you planning on getting ready with friends? Or taking a ride with someone? Organize your pre-prom plans so you don’t feel overwhelmed with stress last minute.

Organize Post-Prom Plans

The same goes for your plans after prom. Why not figure out a way to let the fun continue? Maybe you can plan a big sleep-over with friends or a post-prom beach session.

Look After Your Health and Fitness

You don’t want to come down with a cold or run out of energy on the dance floor. In the weeks leading up to prom, make sure you find some time to exercise and eat a balanced diet. Keep your immune system and stamina going strong!

The Perfect Prom Planning Checklist

Are you ready to start tackling the essentials of this prom planning checklist? By following these tips and preparing for prom, you take away the risk of anything ruining your dream night.

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