How to Choose the Right Dress for Your Prom Night According to Your Body Type

High school life is probably one of the most fun and fulfilling moment in our lives. One of the most memorable events in our high school life is undoubtedly prom night. As a teen, this once in a lifetime event in school life is an experience to treasure. Prom usually happens before the high school semester ends, which only end up magnifying the significance of this event.

As a proud and strong lady, one of the most integral parts of going to the prom is ensuring you’re wearing the right dress. You need to have an elegant and impressive outfit for this kind of event. Here is a concise guide to properly choose the best prom dress.

Identify your Body Type

Not all dresses will fit your body shape. So the first step to do in choosing the best prom dress is to identify the shape of your body. Determining your body type will help you choose the dress that fits perfectly. Find out your body type through the list below.

  • Busty – This body type features softer shoulders, full arms, wider back, and a defined waistline. Regardless of their weights, ladies with busty body shape often have bigger busts.
  • Apple – A body type that features a well-proportioned body is what most people with an apple-body type have. Most don’t have well-defined waistlines. They have curvy lines but not necessarily in the hips which carry most of the weight through their bust and mid-section. They also have slim and sexy legs.
  • Hourglass – The hourglass-body type characterizes a well-balanced bust and hip. The waistlines are well-defined, shoulders are gently rounded and aligned gracefully with the hips. The waist is curved smoothly towards the hips. Most women prefer or like the hourglass type because it’s a more refined and streamlined look for them.
  • Pear Body – Another body type that typically emphasizes larger hips than a bust is a pear-shaped type. Women with this body type have proportionately slim shoulders and arms, an elegant neck, and a defined waistline which plays the role of being the best asset of the body.
  • Rectangular – Having a rectangular body type means that you have a delicate frame throughout. Your outline is slightly straight up to down with a fairly masculine look. Also, the hips and bust have almost the same width. Waistlines are also not defined enough.

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Picking the Best Prom Dress

Picking the Best Prom Dresses

After you determine your body type, now is the time for you to choose the perfect prom dress. Make sure to choose the best dress because prom night will only happen once or twice. Continue reading to find out what type of dress fits perfectly for each body type.

Ideal for Busty-Shaped Body

It is important to draw attention upwards and add curves to your hips to define your waistline as well as to create harmony. Dresses with a slight V-neck style will help you bring out your curves while providing enough coverage to maintain calmness and peace in your appearance.

You can also consider wearing a chiffon-style dress which is free-flowing, enough to form curves in the hip area and maximize the best features of your body.

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Excellent for Hourglass Body Shape

When you have an hourglass body shape, your best asset is your waist. You should be selecting gowns that will accentuate your waistline. Consider wearing wrap dresses or gowns that fit naturally.

Dresses that fit perfectly from the top down to the waist are suitable to show the nice curves of your body. Avoid dresses with empire waist. Instead, choose the dress that will compliment all your curves such as mermaid-shaped gown. Wearing open necklines and V-necks can also render you an elegant look.

Best prom dresses for hourglass figures

Suitable for Apple Shaped Body

Wear dresses with an empire waist or decorated top will draw focus to your upper body. A dress emphasized with folds and curls will help mask the middle portion of your body, as well as dresses with a thorough skirt and an A-line type of gown.

You are free to show off your arms and shoulders through strapless dress. You can also show your legs off using high low designer gown. Remember to avoid wearing belts or dresses that emphasize all your curves.

Prom dresses for apple shaped body

Perfect for Slender Shaped Body

Breaking up your body outline to form curves from the waist down or up is an excellent thing to do. To achieve this, you need a dress with eye-catching colors and enough details and textures such as beads or studs.

You should also consider wearing a push-up bra to lift your chest up. Ensure to make your waist look smaller by wearing a belt. Dark colored and simple wide belts will be an ideal accessory for you.

Best for Pear Shaped Body

Prom dresses for pear shaped body

You should be aiming to draw focus away from your hips towards your bust and shoulders to create a harmony between the upper and lower part of your body.

Gowns with details that focus on the bust up to shoulders like off shoulders, empire waist or sweetheart prom gowns can compliment your look. Also, wearing princess-like gowns with emphasized corset will be a great idea. These gowns will enhance the top part of your body and will draw attention away from your hips.


Prom night is truly an important night for every girl in high school. It is the time for you and your friends to dance, go out together, enjoy and have fun. But other than that, you probably want to impress all people by wearing the best and elegant dress.

Choosing the best prom dress will make your look flattering during the event. Hence, start by identifying your body shape right now, and start picking that perfect prom dress.


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