Floral Arrangements for Thanksgiving

The Best Floral Arrangements for Thanksgiving

When it comes to Thanksgiving, your table arrangements can make a difference to the overall ambiance. This is why choosing the right floral arrangements for Thanksgiving can be the icing on the cake.

In this article, we will show you the components of what makes the best flowers for the holidays. Read on to get into the holiday spirit.

Add in Touches of Autumn

Autumn colors such as oranges, browns, and earthy tones can look gorgeous set against your table and flower decor. You can mix in these color palettes to bring forward an autumnal and fall vibe. Get things such as small vegetables like miniature pumpkins and winter squash to decorate the table in tandem with the flowers.

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Wooden Boards for Display

To elevate your floral arrangements and give it a rustic theme, you could display your floral arrangements on bits of wood that look like pieces of bark and trees. This can give your table a more relaxed and informal tone while still keeping it looking stylish and fresh.

You can mix in other elements such as dried leaves, berries, and crystals to make it a magical twist!

Fruits and Flowers

What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than to incorporate fresh fruits like apples, peaches, and apricots into your floral arrangements? You could pick out an interesting fruit bowl and interlace flowers and fruits as an unusual but striking centerpiece.

Pick fruits that are easy to style and layer and won’t bruise or damage easily when assembling.

Deep Purple Hues and Whites

Picking deep purple colors that you can contrast with white tablecloths or white vases can be perfect opposition colors to bring a touch of drama to your table. The deep purples are ideal for the fall and winter months and can be rich and full of texture for your decor.

Sunflowers and Yellows

If you want to go all-out fall colors, amp up the sunflowers and decorate your tables with warm yellows and oranges. You can match your plates to the bright flowers which will be a warming contrast to a neutral or white tablecloth.

Bright and golden colors can be inviting and homely for a Thanksgiving table, even if the weather outside is miserable and grey!

Variations of Pastels and Pink

This isn’t the typical colors for Thanksgiving however pastel and pink flowers can still be a gorgeous addition to any table. Try out some azaleas, roses, and dahlias for a tasteful and interesting arrangement.

Floral Arrangements for Thanksgiving: What’s Next?

We hope this article on the best floral arrangements for Thanksgiving has given you plenty of ideas for your centerpieces. Whatever your personal style or interior design preferences, there will be a perfect floral arrangement for your Thanksgiving needs.

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