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Flooring Option That Can Increase Your House Value

People who decided to invest and build their own house sometimes choose to put their home on the market because they usually plan to relocate in the next few years when they finally found a better place to be their forever home. You may be one of those people who plan the same for the future. Therefore, it is best to start upgrading or remodeling your house as early as now to boost your home value for the years to come. One thing is for sure, your flooring choice will affect the resale value of your home. Pay attention to these few things to help you with your flooring choice.

Choose Hard Surface Flooring 

If you want the highest return of income (ROI), opt for hardwood flooring. Hardwood is considered classic and timeless and can definitely boost the value of your home. At first, it may seem costly compared to other floors but your investment will certainly pay off later. Durability is one of the reasons why many choose hardwood floors. In case of a scratch, hardwood can take multiple sandings and can be restored to its original condition. Hardwood flooring can last for years if you take care of it properly.

In case you want to change the color of your solid hardwood floors, there is no need to replace them because you can just refinish them. This serves as an advantage since you are able to change a part of your home without spending too much money.  It would be easier and cheaper than replacing your whole floor.

Keep in mind that the design and type of hardwood are the ones that can add value to your house, as well as the updates in the rest of the house. The pattern and direction of the wood planks must be arranged nicely to make it more attractive and appealing. Floor experts in pergo dallas can help you with your wood floor design that will perfectly fit your house.

Picking Floors On A Budget 

Engineered wood or laminates can be a great choice when the wood flooring is out of your budget. These floorings are less expensive but can still give you the aesthetics that you desire. We can say that solid wood is still the most durable but engineered wood can also last long depending on the thickness of its top layer.

Tile is Still In Style 

Stone or porcelain tiles are still fashionable. Larger tiles can make your room appear larger due to fewer gout lines. Lighter neutrals are the best for resale value. Tiles are also best for bathrooms and kitchen since wood floorings are not good for areas that are prone to moisture, unlike tiles where you can simply wipe out spills and splash using a cloth.

Sustainable Floorings 

Today, people became more aware of the issues of climate change and global warming. Therefore, they opt to choose floors that are sustainable such as bamboo which is said to be water-resistant and oak which offers a flexible walking surface.

Though experts believe that hardwood has a bigger impact on your home’s value, it is your right to choose what kind of materials you will use. Just be sure to choose your floor wisely since it will either make or break the value of your house.

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