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Top 6 Things To Do In Ibiza 2019

Holidays in the smallest of the three Balearic Islands sounds exotic, isn’t it? Ibiza attracts thousands of people from all over Europe every year. This island is known in the whole world as having several discos, bars and nightclubs that are gained international reputation of the numerous intense dance music sessions and summertime parties. That is the main reason why Ibiza has a nickname as Capital of Electronic Music.

Not only the night clubs and sounds of electronic music and partying soul attract plenty of tourists to Ibiza. This island also has its unique cultural and natural features. Moreover, there are a lot of areas in the Ibiza that are listed under the United Nations World Heritage Sites. In addition to this, the unique flora and fauna, fresh air, white sandy beaches with glassy water are also the top spots of Ibiza. It is the idyllic place for people who are looking for untouched clear nature.

Moreover, the coastlines with clear water, fascinating water life and perfect weather create the excellent conditions for water sports. The weather temperatures in Ibiza usually range between 25 and 30 degrees of Celsius. Scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing and plenty of others are loved by tourists and local sportsmen. Pleasuring sunbathing, boat trips, cruising, walking tours with gorgeous sceneries, romantic dinners with a view of sunset and much more can be included into your Ibiza travel plan.

Explaining Ibiza to someone who’s not visited before can be hard, as it is so much more than just an island of clubs and bars. So we’ve put together the top 6 things to do in Ibiza 2019.

1. Go To The Number 1 Club In The World

Ibiza isn’t short of incredible clubs. From Privilege – the world’s biggest – to some of the finest small venues like Ocean Beach and Ibiza Rocks, the party island of the world crams more incredible party spots into its tiny area than many major cities. And yet one club remains the island’s favourite; with a unique story and history, Space has been a constant on Ibiza since the late 1980s and is to this day a default destination for countless clubbers.

Space and its events have scooped more awards than any other club, regularly being named the Best Club in the World and winning countless public votes.

2. Party in the Mediterranean Sea

It’s not just about the incredible places on land and if you stick to the island itself for your whole stay, you’re only seeing half of what makes Ibiza so incredible. Bobbing along off the coast of Playa d’en Bossa, in beautiful sunshine, sound tracked by incredible DJs… What’s not to love? Float Your Boat’s famous boat party is available as an upgrade to your Ibiza beach cruises package – just add it to your trip when booking.

3. Sunset at Cafe Mambo

Café Mambo is the bar to be in when the sun goes down, facing the beach capturing every last ray as day turns to night. The view is something right off a postcard; and not to be missed.

4. Enjoy The Water Activities

There are numerous sites of Ibiza such as Cala Bassa and Cala Conta where you can enjoy water sports daily during summer. Bring out your adventurous side by trying out the various water-sports activities offered in the island. Diving, snorkeling, windsurf, water ski, parasail, and kayak to your hearts’ content. Go on a chartered boat ride on a glass-bottomed boat and see the other beaches in the island. Once you’re done exploring the waters, prepare for an exciting adventure on land. Be surrounded by the lush, thick forests of the mountains in Ibiza. Go hiking and ride a mountain bike, and explore some portions of the island on a horse.

5. Amnesia Ice Cannon

A must-visit spot on the island, Amnesia is a venue that embodies the history of the island and over the years has built a brand that has become notorious with sleepless beat-driven nights on the White Isle. With a reputation almost as big as the club itself the ice cannons at Amnesia should not be missed, firing over 10 tonnes of dry ice into the crowd, filling the room in seconds.

6. Day Party in Bora Bora

One of the island’s hotspots since opening in 1986, Playa d’en Bossa’s Bora Bora Beach Club has struck the perfect balance between bar, restaurant and club since day one. It’s also got the same high-impact soundsystem as DC10. Sundays are the day to hit Bora Bora, as its pre-party attitude and free entry make it the perfect place to soak up the party vibe.

These are the top 6 things to do in Ibiza, so what are you waiting for?

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