Futuristic Car Technologies Unveiled At CES

Futuristic Car Technologies Unveiled At CES

Just before the current pandemic showed signs of spreading across the globe, things were really looking up in terms of new technology for car safety. This was evident at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held every year in Las Vegas and taking place in the first two weeks of January, 2020. CES is held to celebrate the innovation of designers and engineers, but it is also a clear harbinger of how we will be living in the future. If car safety is your thing, check out the systems unveiled, and think about which will most suit your needs on the road.

New Driver Monitoring Systems

Israeli firm, Eyesight Technologies, is set to make the driving experience safer via sophisticated camera technology that analyzes the way drivers move their eyes, blink and yawn. It can also detect when a driver is smoking – something that is illegal in many countries. By sending alerts to those who are dozing off, the system ensures that they keep their eyes on the road or pause for a needed rest. The two-second rule shows that taking one’s eyes off the road for more than two seconds can increase the likelihood of a crash. The new technology can help tired drivers stick to the rule to significantly improve road safety.

Sophisticated Biometrics

Mercedes-Benz also showed off what safety will be looking like for elite car owners in the future. Its Vision AVTR employs biometrics to detect the driver’s pulse through the vehicle’s seat, to measure breathing rates (and to therefore determine the driver’s alertness on the road). It completely does away with aspects you would associate with safety – such as doors and even a steering wheel. The latter is replaced by a control unit that can be activated with the driver’s palm.

Combining Imaging, Sensing And On-board Software

Rating scores for vehicles hone in on a series of features, including safety, reliability and performance. These are considered key considerations when committing to the purchase of a car. However, in the future, consumer reports will be focusing on additional elements, including entertainment. At CES, Sony’s Vision-S showed the extent to which this is true, with a car that pursues fun features as much as it does reliability and comfort. The car’s interiors are fitted with a total of 33 sensors to detect and recognize people within the vehicle. Moreover, speakers are built into each seat, and there’s a front-seat panoramic screen boasting an intuitive user interface. Spokespersons for Sony have stated that their aims are to marry reliability and safety with an emotion-packed experience that will make driving a joy.

Smart Anti-Glare Visors

The glare of the sun on some roads (at specific parts of the day) can be a big accident risk, since it can totally wrest from the driver’s vision for several crucial seconds. Bosch has designed a Virtual Visor that offers 90% more visibility. The secret component is a transparent LCD visor that can block out areas where the sun is interfering with driver visibility.

The CES show in Las Vegas is a visionary event that brings together technologies from a host of sectors, including the automobile industry. This year, safety and entertainment were two big priorities. From anti-glare visors that improve visibility to in-built speakers and highly intuitive screens, driving will be a more mindful and fantastical experience in the future.

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