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How to Finish Your Homework Better in the Last Minute?

Let’s face it, homework isn’t always fun for you, especially when you’ve procrastinated it to the last minute. You have not been able to muster the motivation so far, or you have been too busy with things that seemed interesting to you. And all of a sudden the compulsion of finishing it at the last minute has started to scare you.

We know what it feels like when the homework pressure suddenly hits you at the last minute. You thought you had so much time at hand and all that time vanishes in a flash. Now all of a sudden, you are facing a couple of tests and a long history paper due tomorrow. You have this overwhelming feeling of doom and just can’t think of where to start.

Don’t worry. You are not the only person habituated to procrastinating their work. There are always ways to work around these last-minute situations. We have come up with a bunch of tricks and tips that can help you finish your homework in time with flying colors.

Realize Your Reason for Procrastinating

Believe it or not, finding something more interesting isn’t always the only reason for putting your homework away till the last minute. There is usually an underlying reason for that. You might be scared of a particular part of the homework or the entire topic.

Facing your fears is the first step. Once you’ve achieved that, you should tackle the difficult part first and get it over with. The rest should feel like a walk in the park after that. Look for options online in case you need further answers on homework related questions.

Keep Your Homework in Front of You.

This might seem like a simple idea, but it is one of the most difficult ones to accomplish. It might seem like a will-breaking task to take your homework out of the bag and put it on your desk. Placing your homework in front of you will give you the push you need. Even if you don’t deal with it right away, it will be in front of your eyes as a constant reminder to finish it.

Break Down Your Homework Into Smaller Tasks

Doing so will make even a very difficult seem like an easy one. Break it down to smaller steps and take it up one step at a time. This way even a monumental homework would not seem like a daunting task.

Mark a Timeline for Each Step

Once you’ve broken your task down to smaller steps, give yourself a time limit to complete each step. This will put a sense of urgency at the back of your mind. The entire homework might not seem such a long one after this as you would be focussed on the time to complete each step.

Tell Some People About Your Task

Don’t feel ashamed that you’ve left your homework for the last minute. Instead, tell a couple of people about what you are about to accomplish. This will not only motivate you, but it will also create a certain amount of pressure to help you finish it on time.

Choose the Right Environment

Choosing the right environment is very important. It will increase your energy for the project and help you focus better. Your present study environment might be the reason for your procrastination. You would want to stay away from your bed or the TV. In case you have a small room, go to the library or any other place you can be away from distracting elements.

Speak to People Who Have Made It Work

I am sure you must have a few friends who always seem to be enjoying their time and yet get the best grades for their work. Learn about the strategies they use and the ways they motivate themselves. Then apply them to yourself.

Create a Reward System for Yourself

Every time you complete a task, choose a way to reward yourself. The rewards can be simple things like a minute on social media, or a couple of minutes of chat with your boyfriend or girlfriend. But don’t get carried away with it. Stick to the limitations of the rewards too. This will help you to stay motivated and focussed.

Penalize Yourself for Failures

Create a penalty system for your failure to meet a deadline. In case you miss a deadline for a task, punish yourself in some manner. I am not suggesting you chastise yourself. Just something small like a fine of one dollar you would have to give your sibling. But it needs to pinch you enough to get you to work harder.

Remember to Believe in Yourself

Dedicate yourself to any project even at the last minute and follow the steps mentioned above. But do not apply all of them together, or you might end up feeling even more pressurized. Just start slow, build up the pace and you would be rewarded with better grades.

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