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Guide To Choosing The Right Ceiling Light Fixtures

Everybody dreams about their home looking beautiful and cozy. After all, one’s house is their biggest investment. A person expends much of their earning in making their home feel homier. They want their home to become a paradise where they can relax and relieve their entire day’s worries.

Little elements like light fixtures, ceiling fans, curtains, cushions, rugs, and many other small items, help your home feel more personalized. However, when it comes to light fixtures, making a decision becomes challenging. This is because all kinds of light set different moods and tones for your house. Hence, you must pick the right light.

In this article, I will educate you on what things about a light fixture you should consider before buying one. I will also go through a few types of light fixtures that you can choose from.

What to Look

The ceiling fan light fixture is a very narrow niche, but when renovating or redecorating your home, you must consider different possibilities. This is because they help in setting the right tone of your home.

You might not know this, but certain types of lighting allow the colors of your furniture to pop. They might even make your paint look different. Some make it look brighter, and some might make it look softer.

On the other hand, the heights of the fixture also play an important role. Lighting, based on the height, will fall differently onto your room. For this reason, you need to know all about light fixtures before getting your hands on one.

The Measurements of the Fixture

You know how important the measurements of your ceiling light fixture are. After all, the height and diameter of the fixture will determine how the light will fall on your furniture and home decor. Additionally, it will affect how your furniture looks.

Make sure to carefully pick your lighting. Because you get them after very long, you cannot change them very often.

If your room is of 10: 12, then I recommend that you get lightings that are around 22 inches in diameter. It will spread the right amount of light around your room. When it comes to height, its height should be around 25-30 inches tall, if your room is ten feet in height. It will work best.

If you do not know about the exact height and width of your room, I suggest that you keep the light fixture low enough, so when the light fixture hangs, it does not touch the head of the tallest person you know. The light fixture needs to be on an 8-foot height from the floor. In this case, LED flush mount ceiling fixture works best.

How Many to Buy?

The rule of thumb while buying light fixtures is that you buy lights according to the shape of your room. If you feel your room is small and in a square, or triangular shape, I suggest you buy only one light fixture.

If your room is rectangular but small, I suggest that you buy two light fixtures. However, keep a distance in between while putting them up.

If your room is large and square, I suggest that you get a small light fixture in the corners of the room and two main light fixtures for the middle of the room. It balances light across the room. Repeat this if you have a rectangular room. However, you might need to increase the number of small light fixtures.

However, if you are getting a light fixture for your kitchen, try getting adjustable ones. They help you in taking a better look at whatever you are cooking.

If you are getting one for your dining room, I suggest you get a pair of small lights and put them right over your dining table. They will look elegant and classy. They will uplift your dining experience at your home, and you can take better pictures of your food at home! Alternatively, you can take inspiration from David Dobrik’s home and put a series of light fixtures over your dining table as if he has over his pool table.

Shades over your Light Fixtures

By now, I am sure you Googled a few images of light fixtures. If you look at them closely, you’ll two types of lighting. One that has glass shade over them, and the other might have fabric shade over them.

You will be surprised to know that both the light shades serve different purposes, and people use them for an entirely different setting. This is because they produce a different kind of light.

The fabric shades diffuse the light exponentially, making the room feel gloomy. On the other hand, lighting with glass shades produces sharper light. Keep in mind that fabric shades are more expensive than glass shades.

Final Feedback

Searching for light fixtures is very challenging. For this reason, the light will play a very important role in changing how your house looks. It will change its feel, its colors. It will also affect what your home decor looks like.

For this reason, people usually get overwhelmed while choosing lighting for their homes. However, keep in mind that while decorating your home, you are putting forward a piece of your identity. Choose what feels right and keep the buying process fun and joyful. Only make sure that the LED flush mount ceiling fixture you choose are the right ones and they complement your home decor.

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