How to store coffee for long term

4 Hacks For Long-Term Coffee Storage

Coffee is everywhere. Are you one of those people who can’t last a day without a cup of this wonderful drink? From its distinct aroma to its exquisite taste, who wouldn’t love a cup of coffee?

Be it espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, or a latte, every cup of coffee makes for a heavenly bonding moment with your loved ones. For coffee lovers, nothing can ever beat a fresh batch of coffee beans in the morning, in the afternoon, or at night.

Aside from being unable to start a day without a fresh cup of coffee, it’s well established that most people think the key to a great cup of coffee is its freshness. However, these wonderful coffee beans don’t stay fresh for a long time. Within just one to two weeks of exposure to air, these beans will perish and expire. Fortunately, there are several ways you can do to make these coffee bags maintain their freshness a little longer.

The Wonders Of Coffee

Coffee is considered to be one of the most consumed beverages around the world. Aside from being a good stimulant, fertilizer, and laxative, coffee has also been a morning pick-me-up for most people. Like any other agricultural product that grows, is harvested, and goes stale, coffee is also best served when fresh. Also, here are some important things you should know about it.

  • Coffee is known to have powerful antioxidants that can help prevent skin aging and lower risks of diseases induced by oxidative stress like diabetes and cancer.
  • While drinking coffee made out of old coffee beans won’t make you ill and sickly, the outcome won’t be as tasty as it should be, as coffee beans gradually lose every incredible characteristic that makes for a wonderful coffee drink the longer they’re exposed to air.
  • Some of the primary factors that can affect coffee storage include sunlight, moisture, heat, and air. Oxygen exposure also speeds up oxidization in ground beans.
  • Normally, no one wants stale, bitter, and flavorless coffee in the morning, so you must know how to store coffee beans properly for them to last longer.
  • For a superb coffee experience, you must consume coffee within one to two months of its roast date and grind only what you need. Apart from that, it’s also essential to know that grinding coffee beans speeds up the aging process as the beans are broken down and could no longer be protected by their exterior.

Luckily, there are four helpful hacks you can do for long-term coffee storage. They’re as follow:

1. Buy Small Amount Of Coffee Beans

Coffee beans are perishable. Hence, you must know that buying more than what you needed will only increase the possibility of the coffee beans getting stale. To avoid such instances, only buy what you need for one to two weeks. After that time, exposure to air will make your roasted coffee lose its freshness, so it’s ideal to just buy small amounts of coffee beans, especially if you don’t have the proper coffee storage conditions.

With this alternative, you’ll only have what’s enough for your drink and you won’t get stuck with beans that you can’t finish.

2. Keep Beans In A Proper Storage Condition

How to store coffee for long term storage

Light, moisture, heat, and air are some of the greatest enemies of coffee beans when it comes to having a longer shelf life. To preserve your coffee beans’ natural roasted flavor as long as possible, make sure to store them in an airtight and cool container at an ideal room temperature.

While you might be fascinated with the beauty of coffee beans stored in a clear jar, avoid clear storage jars, as they’re not the best storage idea for your beans. Clear jars allow light to penetrate the beans and affect the taste of your coffee.

To have your coffee beans in their best condition, you must avoid storage locations that are too warm. Keep your beans in a cool and dry place.

3. Avoid Freezing Your Beans

One of the most common misconceptions about storing coffee beans is that freezing them could lengthen their lifespan. However, doing so won’t make a difference in your beans’ shelf-life. It can even shorten their storage life. While you might be thinking of prolonging their shelf life, freezing your beans can make them exposed to condensation and moisture. Aside from that, your coffee beans could take unpleasant flavors once they’re placed next to a tangy food.

4. Hire Reliable Food Warmers

For some café owners who are having a hard time maintaining the freshness of their coffee beans, you may hire some competent food warmers to make sure someone knowledgeable enough will look over the quality of your coffee. These people can help you properly store your beans to achieve a longer shelf-life.

Bottom Line

Drinking your favorite coffee isn’t just about preparing or brewing it. Most people put additional effort into keeping their beans fresh and flavorful. While this may sound a little more difficult for you, you don’t have to worry over storage issues and shelf lives as you can follow these simple hacks for long-term coffee storage.

These tips include buying small amounts of beans, keeping them in a proper storage condition, avoiding freezing them, and hiring knowledgeable food warmers. By doing so, you can rest assured the quality and freshness of your coffee beans will last a little longer than they used to be.

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