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Hospitality Careers: 5 Reasons to Work in the Hotel Industry

Are you considering building your career in the hotel industry? If you have a naturally warm and welcoming personality, and you actually enjoy ensuring everyone’s needs and wants are met, it’s about time you start looking for a hotel job opening.

However, if you still can’t make up your mind about joining the hotel workforce, the following reasons may help convince you:

1. Vast Opportunities To Grow

There are many characteristics you need to have to be able to work in a hotel. These include skills such as being able to harmoniously work in a team, organizing, accounting, revenue management, etc. Even so, the most important skill you need to have is the ability to take care of people.

Dealing with people and their needs entails developing yourself professionally and having the empathy and commitment to put another person’s needs before your own.

When you work in the hotel industry, your service is not only limited to meals, drinks, room arrangements and events. It’s continuously extended to yield customer satisfaction by improving your service industry skills.

Develop a positive attitude

In the service sector, it is a must to continue wearing a smile on your face even if circumstances are not in your favor.

Smiling all the time may first seem difficult or artificial in the beginning of your hotel career, but it then becomes a vital part of your lifestyle over time. A simple smile can make or break a person’s day. With training, staying cheerful and optimistic whatever the circumstances may be will become ingrained in your personality.

Your career in the hotel industry depends on your positive value system and attitude. As hotels encourage warmth and cheerfulness, employees become more sociable and build connections faster, both with clients and their fellow hotel staff. Not to mention that it is important to have a bright smile; so head over to this dentist in Greeneville if you want to enhance yours.

2. Tips and Bonuses

Depending on performance, hotel employees may enjoy the best tips and bonuses from customers and employers, that is, on top of their salaries, of course. There are some tips that can go as high as twenty percent especially when excellent service is given.

When travelling on a cruise or staying in a luxury resort or hotel, customers pay a costly service charge. This is distributed among employees for providing good service to tourists and business travelers.

3. Multicultural Environment

Working in a hotel lets you interact with different nationalities which then helps broaden your perspective of the world.

You don’t only work, you also get to learn about various cultures from workmates and customers of differing ethnic backgrounds.

Your opportunity to mingle and work with people of a different upbringing and cultural background will help broaden your understanding of ways and beliefs other than yours. This, in turn, will maximize your working capabilities, enrich your practical skills and knowledge of other countries.

Opportunities to travel

If you’re lucky enough to work for an international hotel chain, you may have greater chances of traveling to different cities and/or countries. This may be accomplished through visiting sister hotels for an experience exchange or participating in an international exhibition for career enhancement or training.

The experience you get from travelling will help increase your sense of achievement and job satisfaction.

4. Career Stability

Through the years, the hotel industry has remained stable amidst tough economic times.

For the next decade, the hospitality industry, in general, is set to remain a global player with the continuous rise of tourism. Since more and more individuals can afford to travel, you can expect hotels to get lots of customers which equates to more employment opportunities in the future.

5. Diverse Career Options

Depending on the size of the hotel and its facilities, there are many job positions you can apply for. If you’re just starting out in your career, the hotel industry offers opportunities wide open for you to try and apply your background and abilities. It’s also possible to move to other departments in the same hotel and even get training.

As you are able to connect with other departments in the hotel, you get to choose a job closer to your heart and gradually establish your career path.

The hotel industry is a great and interesting workforce to get involved in. What’s important is that you understand that the success of your career greatly depends on how you keep your customers satisfied, and how well you work as part of a service team.

AUTHOR BIO: Daulet Zhumagulov is the Founder and CEO at WeHoteliers, a specialized online hospitality portal in the GCC region where prospective and experienced talents can explore career opportunities and be discovered by the top employers of the industry. The company’s mission is to provide an efficient and modern platform that will focus on the needs and interests of hospitality professionals.

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