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Crave-able Careers: 5 Awesome Jobs Someone Actually Has

Everyone wants to end up in a job that they love. Many employees across the nation spend their days dreaming of a job they don’t have, so how do you make sure you’re one of the lucky few who succeeds? One way is to make sure you know what you’re options are. If you’re looking ahead and thinking about a career you can truly be happy with, think about your own passions. It’s possible somebody out there may be doing your dream job right now, and you might not even know it exists! If the job is there, then there’s no reason for you not to be doing it.

Here are just a few examples of some pretty awesome jobs that someone actually has today.

1. Beer or Wine Taster

Alcohol is a huge industry with a lot of money, but it doesn’t sell if it doesn’t taste just right. Makers of beer or wine, therefore, are often looking for people with delicate palates who can tell a lot from a few sips. It’s a valuable skill helping brewers and vintners know that their latest batch or new flavor experiment has hit the mark.

If you think of yourself as a connoisseur then this could be the job for you! In most cases a bit of formal training, knowledge of the production process, and passing a taste-test is all that’s required. The best part? According to a 2003 article by Kathleen Green on the Bureau of Labor Statistics the top earners in this industry can make as much as $160,000 a year. You won’t make that starting out, but you can bet there’.

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2. Movie or Food Critic

Nearly everyone loves food or movies. The only thing better would be to get paid to do these activities and write up your opinions for magazines, newspapers, or websites. To get hired, you generally have to have some formal education in film making or the culinary arts. But if you can judge these experiences with objectivity and insight, and express your opinions well, you can make a good career out of it.

3. Product Designer

Any product you see, from toys to speed boats, is created by someone with the right knowledge of form and features. If there’s anything you have a strong interest in, you could be the one to create the next top seller. It takes a degree in design, but you can start simple and work your way up to develop a reputation and portfolio where you’ll be a valued influence in your industry.

4. Data Analyst

Most businesses today want to leverage their data to predict consumer behavior, improve efficiency, cut costs, and more. With a degree in data science, and some familiarity with modern data tools, you can be the corporate specialist who provides the facts that drive decisions. If you love solving problems, you could be making up to $89K when you apply for a data analyst job in San Francisco.

5. Social Media Manager

In spending time on Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms, you’ve seen that many organizations use these networks to market their products and services. More companies are hiring full-time experts to manage this. If you have a marketing degree and a sizable following of your own already, companies may hire you to spend your day promoting them on social sites.

There are numerous possibilities to turn something you love into a lucrative career. But you need to decide what that is and start preparing now. Check out sites like Top 10 Jungle to help you get an idea of different career options that may be available to you.

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