How to Get a Better Television Signal for an HD Viewing Experience

How to Get a Better Television Signal for an HD Viewing Experience

It can be frustrating to have the option of HD viewing available to you but the picture quality you are currently receiving does not manage to deliver the viewing experience you expected.

There are several ways to achieve a better TV signal, including searching for the best outdoor hdtv antenna in order to boost your chances of getting a great picture with every channel you want to watch, plus some other tips to try.

Here are some pointers on how to enhance your HD viewing experience.

Antenna basics

A good starting point would be to understand the options available to you when it comes to choosing the right antenna for your needs.

You can get indoor and outdoor antennas and another key option is to decide whether you want an amplified or non-amplified version. The most relevant way to decide which one is best is to answer a few basic questions so that you end up with a default choice.

Where you live will have a bearing on how good your signal reception is in the area. A good clue would be to establish how far the nearest transmitting tower is from your property as this will be a good indication of signal strength, and where you intend to locate the antenna is a key factor.

The higher the better

The logical choice for siting your HD antenna would be to place it in a position that is as high as possible and this will allow you to obtain the clearest path from the antenna to the nearest transmitting tower.

To give you some guidance on this issue, you should aim to place the antenna at least 30 feet above the ground, if that is possible and permitted for your property.

Don’t be too concerned if you can’t achieve this height requirement as the quality and power of some of the antennas available will often allow you to get a decent reception even if it is installed at a lower height.

Placement is crucial

If there is one aspect of the installation that is more important than anything else it is probably placement.

There is no getting away from the fact that where you locate your antenna will be a crucial aspect that heavily influences how good your picture quality is.

Be prepared for this part of the setup process to take the most amount of time as it is well worth putting in the effort to experiment around the house with placement to confirm which location offers the strongest reception.

Run a channel scan in each location you try and have your Tv turned on so that you can actually check how good the picture as well as the strength of the signal.


A common reason for not being to achieve a decent and reliable reception is often down to the fact that you are getting interference from a metal object.

Look to see if there are any metal bars or railings if you are placing your antenna near a window as this will interfere with your reception.

You will be rewarded for your efforts with a great range of TV shows to enjoy and once you have your antenna in just the right spot the HD picture should help to enhance your enjoyment.

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