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How to Survive During a Kitchen Re-modelling?

Kitchen remodelling is not a simple process. There are many phases that take place before the actual remodelling starts. From deciding which is the best kitchen design  for your home to collecting the items needed to get the work done, the pre-process phases are long and tiresome before the remodelling begins.

But the most challenging part is when the remodelling begins and you are supposed to function without an actual kitchen until the designing is done. There is no escaping this inconvenience. But with smart planning, there won’t be any havoc in your daily household activities.

This article explains in 8 steps how one can survive during a kitchen remodelling process.

1. Designate a kitchen stand-in

Eating out all the time until your kitchen remodelling finishes isn’t a good idea. Not only it puts a strain on your budget but can also lead to several health crises in near future. No matter how many takeout’s you bring home for your meals, there is always a need for a spot to make school lunches, pouring a bowl of cereal and brewing coffee.

Our suggestion for you is to set up a temporary kitchen somewhere away from the construction process. You are lucky if you have guesthouse with a mini kitchen in it, which can be turned into a food-prep central until your main kitchen room is ready.

Otherwise, you can turn a corner of your basement, garage or workroom into a stand-in kitchen. Add portable tables, standalone shelves, storage crates and folding chair to turn it into a mini kitchen.

2. Winnow down your kitchen gear

During the remodelling process, your cooking and eating routine will be certainly disrupted. No matter how much you love to cook, being able to cook ambitious meals will be a huge challenge.

So it is better that you do not pressurise yourself with this. Instead, pare down to kitchen tools that you will be requiring on a daily basis. Be honest while making this list. Keep the essential items and appliances in your reach and store away the rest.

3. Plan your meals around the small appliances

Try to plan your meals based on the small portable appliances that you have. These may include slow cookers, microwaves, toaster ovens, electrical griddles and skillets, hot plates and coffee makers. Having at least some of these appliances handy makes it easier for you to plan your meals for the time being. Additionally, you can either move your refrigerator to your temporary kitchen or invest in a mini fridge instead.

4. Stock the pantry with disposables

Since you do not have your usual spot for washing dishes, you tend to use the creative alternatives such as the bathtub or an outdoor hose. To make your life simpler, we suggest you to stock up on some recyclable or biodegradable plates, napkins, cups and utensils. This will not only help you streamline your cleanup but will also cut down on the stress of your temporary displacement.

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5. If the weather co-operates, put your grill to work

Did you know that a grill can do almost everything that an oven can? Well, now that you know this, put your grill to use. In fact, this is the time when you can put your school camping days to use. You can use foil-packet meals, pans of biscuit and rolls, skillet pies and cobblers.

6. Keep a stash of non-perishable snacks

During long and tiring days, with work and home to handle, cooking full meals are impossible. In such a situation, snacks can save you from starving. It is always better store some non-perishable items such as peanut butter, crackers, dried fruits, canned goods, trail mix and more.

7. Take that much awaited trip, if you can

If you have been planning to take a vacation or a business trip, now is a good time (only if you are comfortable with the remodelling process continuing in your absence). In fact, if you are planning to visit some relatives, you are in for some home-cooked meals or two.

8. Remember the big picture

Always look up to the bigger picture. Although you have to go through this minor inconvenience today, you will be having a fully functioning kitchen room for the rest of your life. Keeping this is mind; treat this inconvenience just like another adventure in your life.

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