Local SEO for Small Business

How To Use Local SEO To Benefit Your Small Business

Reaching the right audience is vital for your small business to succeed. Often, targeting potential customers in your immediate surroundings can be the most advantageous. To accomplish this, you must infuse your online content and ads with geo-specific SEO terms. Review these points to learn more about optimizing your web assets for local demographics.

Use Your Address To Increase Visibility

Whether a business is in their neighborhood or located across the world, consumers use the internet to research potential products and services. By using keywords that are relevant to your region, you increase your visibility on search engines like Google. The more you use your company’s address in content, for example, the higher it will rank when someone in your community searches for services you provide.

Bring New Customers To Your Storefront With Local SEO

Though it seems like people prefer ordering through large companies like Amazon, research suggests otherwise. Recent statistics point out that a large percentage of consumers want to support their communities by patronizing local businesses. If you have a physical storefront, utilizing local SEO services increases the odds of people visiting your location after hearing about it online.

Increase Organic Traffic to Your Website

Using geo-specific keywords in your online copy also helps to drive more visitors to your website. Instead of launching generic advertisements on social media, include terms that would be most likely to catch the attention of locals. Craft unique landing pages for each of these ads to create a sense of continuity for the visitor. Not only does this increase organic traffic, it encourages users to linger on your site for longer durations.

Take Advantage of Reviews on Google

When searching for products or services on Google, a large chunk of consumers forego the actual web results for the listings found via Google Maps. By creating a Google business profile that incorporates a variety of local SEO terms, you are more likely to appear high on the map rankings. To showcase how trustworthy your brand is, encourage existing customers to leave reviews. Google often highlights the companies with the most engagement on their profiles, especially those with higher customer ratings.

Create Content the Community Will Appreciate

Another way to increase trust with local SEO is by creating relevant content for your blog. Write or commission posts that center around community events, current news, or interesting historical facts. This shows you’re actually invested in local happenings and not simply stuffing geo-specific terms into your copy.

When optimizing your web assets, being as specific as possible can greatly benefit your company. Create your own strategy based on local SEO and see how using terms relevant to your community can help your brand grow.

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