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How To Win Buyers And Influence Sales with Salesforce 2018

Salesforce is an inbound sales methodology which follows simple methods of humanity, helpfulness to build a mature relationship with consumer. It provides advanced business intelligence tools for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Today’s market is consumer-centric. They properly research market before buying a product. So what will be your strategy for winning trust of your buyers. The best way for achieving more sales and attracting more customer is salesforce training and practical implementation in your organisation. By delivering a quality service and aligning to latest customer oriented tools and techniques can help you get a big chunk of your target audience.

Following are some of the ways to influence your sales with a high number of leads. 

Sharing Data To Attract

A fundamental factor that influencing sales is your market presence. You should know what your customer exactly wants. So how can you reach to your customer? The helpful paths ways are blogging, keywords, and social publications etc. These are the ways for attracting strangers to your platform and converting them to a lead. These tools can be emails, ebooks, case studies, newsletters, event marketing, etc.

Strategic Marketing Solution

Always try to publish relevant content with videos, pictures, statistical data, graphs for your business blogs. The content should be written to attract more and more traffic. Always try to update your contents with new technologies. So you need a proper research of your product. You need to provide a solution for your customers query related to your product. You can enhance marketing with people data.

When a customer starts surfing for a product and  landed on your page it means that your product and content are relevant enough to provide them a comfortable zone. It means they started showing interest in your product. Now is the time to convert them into a lead.

The salesforce marketing cloud and data management platform (DMP) allows you to capture, unify and arrange data in a single place.

Feasible Deal Cracking

Now for closing deals and prompting your customer to buy your product will be 50% easy as they would already have done research on your product. The buyer’s journey doesn’t halts here. Their is one more step left. Now is the time to promote your product. You have your dashboard where all your customer information is available with multiple built-in modules like telephony, messaging, and email features.


It’s business expanding stage of your journey where you convert your customers into a promoters for your brand. You need to offer them services like feedback, surveys so that they can tell you what hurdles they face when buying your products and receiving your services. You must send promotional mails, offer coupons, free giveaways, campaign participational mails, etc., to let your customers calling you back again. 

Availability to Your Customer

The customer support is the best practice for responding to customers’ queries while providing your services 24*7. It is a methodology where you create a feasible environment and provides the multiple ways through which consumers can share problems he/she faced. Here, customer will ask you questions and you will provide optimal solution to his problem.

The salesforce service cloud and field service lightning tool allow you to enhance your customer support. It contains features like dialer, analytics, customer information, etc.

Marking Social Presence

Your social presence is very necessary. It is the best way for expanding your target audience. It is the platform where you present all your new research and products and interconnect all these channels to your website redirecting them towards your landing page.

Data management & Predictive Analysis

All of your leads, customer details and other company data must be maintained in a database to perform predictive analysis. Keeping these track records will help you alot. With sales cloud, a light and fast dashboard, you get the information of your need at a single place. The inbuild artificial intelligence feature of the console helps you distinguish various fields like deals data, sales data, analytics, which helps in faster decision making. The employee can access this data in field work with mobile phones or laptops.

With salesforce Einstein analytics feature, you can drill down new opportunities by analysing the previously saved data, and you can get new leads on your self serving portal.


Salesforce helps you grow your business and make it reliable with their tools for employees as well as buyers. It presents multiple business models for selecting the right one for your enterprise. It creates a way for creating a trust channel between a buyer and seller.

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