What is Mobile CRM

CRM Mobile Evolution – Just the Beginning

Mobile has influenced the lives of people and businesses across the world. Smartphones have become a common means to interact with people. Because of the usage of mobile in the businesses, the need of CRM has also been increased to a large extent. CRM or customer relationship management has been the center of attraction for many businesses.

Mobile CRM is designed for mobile devices like Smartphones and tablets and this allows a sales force of the company to access the real-time data of their customers while performing field meeting with prospects as well as customers. Today, everyone is seeking a mobile device that can help them to access the data they need. It has been surveyed that CRM market has reached 25% of its actual potential. Moreover, mobile CRM enables you to see upcoming events, make calls within apps, and access contact information as well.

What is Mobile CRM?

Mobile CRM is a term that enables remote employees to use devices such as tablets and Smartphones to interact, update and access with customer’s data anytime and anywhere. It allows mobile workers to carry out tasks and duties from mobile that they used to do with their desktop.

Benefits of Mobile CRM for businesses

There are many benefits of CRM for businesses in order to achieve its targets. Today, all major solutions are CRM are available on mobile. However, that does not indicate that these will not advance as like it develops from desktops to mobile, it can develop from mobile to another platform as well. When it comes to mobile, Customer Relationship Management offer-

1. Improved Customer Engagement

When it comes to CRM solutions, it enables businesses to engage with its potential customers. This can be done through sending data or information to the customers or by taking their feedback on the products within a time span. For an instance, suppose an eCommerce company has to send mailers to its clients so it can send the mailers to depend on the purchases made by the customers according to his/her previous visits. Here mobile CRM enables the representative of the company to manually or automating do activity settings accordingly.

2. Improved the Performance of the Employee

Indeed, CRM offers many advantages and one of the advantages is to improve the performance of its employees. This is because today employees are in need of data on their mobile phone and can work anytime, anywhere. This enables companies to reap benefits as their employees have all the information at their clearance if they do not have an office while visiting clients for a meeting.

3. Better Outcomes and Revenues

When using CRM mobile, there are maximum chances to generate revenues. However, if your customers are satisfied, it can help you increase revenue automatically. If customers are satisfied, they can promote as well as publicize your business. Today, customers can raise their voice by putting reviews on the website. Therefore, if you are connecting with your customers and helping them to resolve their concerns, the revenues will rise over time. Here CRM mobile can help you in a better way.

4. CRM Benefits

Perhaps, there are many benefits when it comes to CRM solutions. It allows customers to download the applications, submit feedback, and send queries and concerns as well. These benefits can help customers to reap maximum benefits from CRM and thus, it becomes a pleasing choice for all parties that are involved and also play a major role for companies and customers for better interaction and involvement.

Devices That Work on CRM

When it comes to devices that can work on CRM, there are many phones and tablets available. Blackberry tablets and Smartphones, iPhones, iPad, Windows phones, web-enabled mobile and more are on the list! However, you can’t push CRM into mobile unless you have an optimized user experience and can use it completely on a mobile device rather than on the desktop computer.


With the advent of cloud based, open source social media, CRM has become a fully optimized solution for companies. It has become a major part of a number of businesses and many players offer solutions that meet the need of end-users. Getting CRM on your mobile is not as difficult as it seems. However, all you need is right security and manageability of the organization. When you are picking a right Microsoft Dynamics CRM India company, you have to look for the options like the ease of use, ease of deployment, user experience, advanced feature set, and employee buy-in.

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