10 Ways to Infuse Your Entire Home with Your Personality
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Beyond the Man Cave: 10 Ways to Infuse Your Entire Home with Your Personality

Most people want their home to reflect their unique styles. After all, our homes are where we spend a lot of our time and where we deepen our connections to family and friends.

The “man cave” is one way that many people (and not just men) establish a space to express their unique style and passions within their homes, and there are certainly tons of great man cave decor ideas out there. But honestly — why confine it to a single room? Why not just go for it and make your whole home more reflective of how you want to live your life?

If you’re ready to get a little bold and a little personal with your decorating, we’ve got 10 tips below to help you do just that.

1. Customize, customize, customize.

What better way to display passion in your decor scheme than by using customized decorating elements? With today’s technology, it’s easy to order custom decorations like big heads, custom life-size cutouts and custom vinyl murals of just about anything you can think of. Choose a concept and run with it — even if it’s a little goofy, like cardboard head cutouts of your family. It just might give your home the unique snap you’re looking for!

2. Choose a consistent color palette.

One of the best ways to put your unique stamp on a home decor scheme is to choose a color palette and use it consistently throughout your home. Usually, the simplest way to do this is to choose a neutral base color and then select a range of three or four accent colors that complement it well. Use the neutral color for walls, big furniture, etc., and then mix the accent colors in for smaller furniture and decorative elements. If you’re a sports fan, be sure to work your team’s colors into the decorating palette!

3. Place a statement piece near your home’s main entrance.

Your home makes a first impression much like a person does, so take advantage of that with a striking statement piece that a guest will see soon after entering your home. First of all, it makes a perfect way to start a thriving conversation before your guest even enters the rest of the house, which makes it easier to keep things flowing smoothly later on. Second, it creates an indelible impression in the minds of your guests that will subconsciously (or consciously) influence how they view the rest of the house.

4. Curate a good collection of coffee table books.

Coffee table books are amazing for any home. They give guests a non-intrusive way to interact with your home decor and learn about you in the process. You can find coffee table books on just about any subject, from fashion design to classical architecture to Star Wars. Invest in some nice ones that show off your interests and scatter them throughout your house in gathering areas. That means not just living rooms, but also kitchen islands, rec rooms and anywhere else that people hang out.

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5. Don’t forget the exterior.

The exterior of your home is just as important as the interior, and a lot more people will see it! Thus, you should take some time to think about how your exterior expresses your personality and style. You might repaint your trim to match your home palette or utilize outdoor decals of your family’s favorite sports team. And remember that your yard is also an excellent place for self-expression. Some well-chosen lawn ornaments and landscaping can be extremely effective for creating a tastefully unique look.

6. Show off your collectibles.

People collect just about everything under the sun, and many of us have a collection of some kind of memorabilia squirreled away somewhere. But why keep it out of sight? Get loud and proud about your collection and put it on display! Whether you collect sports jerseys, Chinese vases or antique toy cars, your collection will help integrate your passions into the very fabric of your home decor.

7. Light it up.

Lighting is an essential element of any decorating scheme, so make use of it! It’s especially useful for showcasing certain areas of your home that express your personality. If you’ve got a piece that you really love, like a beautiful piece of art or an architectural element of your home that you’re especially proud of, think about how to light it. Everything from track lighting to floor lamps can provide the tasteful accents you’re looking for when deployed correctly.

8. Choose a new wallpaper pattern.

New wallpaper can switch up a room’s vibe almost instantly, so consider putting some up if you’re in the mood to personalize your decor. Peel and stick wallpaper is an especially smart choice because it goes up much more quickly than traditional wallpaper and is about 10 times less headache. It’s easy to find peel and stick wallpaper with cool designs, from favorite sports team logos to cheeky cartoon patterns, so find something that suits your style and roll with it.

How to Infuse Your Entire Home with Your Personality

9. Create small touches of hospitality.

Nothing says “welcome” like a little bit of something sweet, right? A candy bowl or another small hospitable touch is an excellent way to make guests feel welcome in your home. Other little touches that guests will appreciate include tissue boxes and plenty of throw pillows and blankets. Customize these touches to your own liking, and you’ll have a winning combination of hospitality and personalization that expresses your care for friends and family as an integral part of your home.

10. Accent your favorite pieces by creating more minimal spaces around them.

When you’ve got something that you really want to show off, the best way to do it is often by subtracting other elements from the space around it. That incredible tapestry you got on a trip abroad will often speak for itself if you give it room to breathe, so consider making it its own showpiece on a wall or pairing it with more muted decor that will help it pop even more.

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