Is the 5g Network in Singapore Worth Upgrading To

Is the 5g Network in Singapore Worth Upgrading To?

5G is still at an early stage of implementation. While it is still being rolled out worldwide, we are still far off from reaching its full potential in terms of transfer speeds. Determining how fast Singapore’s 5G network is depends on a plethora of factors.

Your Device Matters!

One of the lesser-known aspects of 5G technology is that the radio part of the network, the cell towers, has been in development for close to a decade. However, 5G models also had to be developed and implemented into handhelds or smartphones. Each smartphone manufacturer has a choice when designing a new device. They can choose between several different chipsets that are 5G capable. Their performance is not consistent. Some chipsets offer better transfer rates than others.

To put it simply, determining how fast Singapore’s 5G network is also determined by how good the testing device is. You can notice this by comparing different devices connected to the same network or operator.

What the Real-World Test in Singapore Says…

The 5G network deployment in Singapore is still ongoing. Operators are not done with their investments into the radio network to improve the performance of their customers. This can be observed with each passing month. For example, the fastest 5G transfer rates in Singapore now stand at an average of 200 Mbps for certain operators. The same test will provide different results depending on your location and how many subscribers are connected to the same cell tower, using 5G. If you are lucky enough, As time passes by, these transfer speeds will continue improving.

How fast Singapore's 5G network is

According to specialists, Singapore is lagging on its 5G rollout. Other countries such as Canada and South Korea have taken the lead in the efforts of boosting their network speed. One part of the problem is the use of non-standalone 5G networks. Operators in Singapore, like many across the world, are using the existing 4G LTE infrastructure. The infrastructure is reaching its limit and will need to move to a standalone 5G network to boost transfer rates beyond 500 Mbps.

Is it Worth it to Switch to 5G?

First of all, if you are still concerned about how fast Singapore’s 5G network is, you need to compare them with existing 4G transfer rates. Even if Singapore still has some work to do to implement standalone 5G, the transfer rates are at least 4 times as fast as 4G.

If you are still using a 4G capable device, it will be worth it to upgrade to 5G. The boost in transfer speeds is anything but negligible. Considering that you are on the market for a new device, it will be worth it to look now at 5G capable smartphones and switch to a subscription plan that includes 5G traffic. The only exception from the rule would be if you are happy with the current transfer rates of 4G. However, you will have to upgrade at some point. Just like streaming services used now, cannot work properly on 3G, the same will happen with services over 5G. At a certain point, 4G won’t be enough.

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