Must-Have Accessories and Gadgets You Need for Your Phone

7 Must-Have Accessories and Gadgets You Need for Your Phone

Need to add some arsenal to your fancy new smartphone? We’ve got you covered!  Here are seven must-have accessories and gadgets you need for your phone, from a scratch-resistant screen protector to an on-the-go phone card holder to keep your IDs, cards and more tucked neatly away.

#1 Phone Case

One thing is for certain – you need to invest in a phone case! As the top must-have accessory you need for your phone, a durable phone case will protect your device from drops, tumbles and more. Look for phone cases that protect your phone from impact and fit your needs. For example, screens are particularly vulnerable, especially if the dropped phone lands on the corner. This can result in a shattered screen or worse!

For basic protection, ensure your phone case is made of a shock-resistant material, such as silicone, that can absorb the impact. And since we, as a society, go through phones (and phone cases) so quickly, why not choose an eco-friendly version made of plant-based biopolymer material like flax shive, which is 100 percent compostable.

#2 Screen Protector

New smartphones come with a protective coating, but sadly this can wear down over time. Instead of leaving your phone vulnerable to tiny bits of debris and dust that can leave scratches, invest in a screen protector.

Must-Have Accessories for Your Phone

Even better – seek out liquid screen protectors! What is that, you ask? A liquid screen protector is essentially liquid glass that provides a coating to smooth over rough spots on a microscopic level that pop up as you use your smartphone screen. The most significant advantage to these is that they don’t add any noticeable thickness to your phone. At roughly 100 nanometers thick, you will barely notice a thing!

Today, you can even find phone accessory brands that offer alternatives to wasteful plastics and glass screen protectors. Some even offer food-safe alternatives for their liquid glass screen protectors, ensuring there are no nasty chemicals!

#3 Phone Card Holder

Another must-have accessory for your phone is a card holder. Slim and compact, a phone card holder can stick to the back of your phone, offering a convenient pocket for credit cards, IDs and more. Need to make a quick run to the local coffee shop down the street? Just grab your phone and go, knowing your punch card is stored away and ready to redeem points.

Some phone cases come with built-in card holders with a matching color or coordinated style. However, if you appreciate a sleek case-free phone, you can find phone card holders that offer an adhesive backing that applies straight to the back.

Seek out phone card holders that are slim, minimizing the bulk of your wallet or wherever you typically store your phone. Again, like the screen protector and phone case, find phone accessories that are more environmentally friendly and use compostable bioplastic materials such as Flaxstic (made of elastomer and flax straw). This not only gives you peace of mind, but ensures the card holder is free of phthalates, BPA, cadmium and lead, which are harmful to your health, too.

#4 Pop Socket

A pop socket might seem a little cumbersome. However, attaching this handy phone accessory offers many advantages and is worth considering! For starters, they give you a better grip, which reduces how often you drop the device as you attempt a one-handed selfie. Pop sockets also offer a stand of sorts, offering a way to prop up your phone on a table, desk or even a kitchen countertop as you read a recipe.

You can even find pop sockets that can mount to your car’s vent, dashboard or windshield, allowing you to see directions or stream music from your phone. Lastly, the concave feature behind the socket allows you a secure place to wind up your wired headphones (unless, of course, you use cordless earbuds) so that it doesn’t wind up in a tangled mess.

#5 Stylus

Are you a creative person who uses a smartphone to jot down notes or sketch? Then get yourself a stylus! A phone stylus is a really useful gadget that offers a pencil-like fine point tip that can create more detailed designs in drawing and illustration apps and allow you to make handwritten notes in journals and calendars. A stylus is an excellent tool for expressing yourself on photos you share on social media, too!

When looking for a stylus, find one that is comfortable to hold and quickly rechargeable. It also helps if there’s some sort of LED battery indicator to alert you when it’s low and needs charging. Most importantly, make sure your stylus has a magnetic attachment that snaps to your phone easily so as not to lose it in the bottom of your purse or bag. Bonus points if you hunt down a stylus with a shutter remote designed for taking selfies or even taking continuous burst-mode shots. This way, there’s no need to set a time. Simply use your stylus.

#6 Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

Another fantastic gadget you need for your phone is a charging mouse pad. Whether it’s for your home office or cubicle, a charging mouse pad will juice up your smartphone while lending a chic style to your desk. With a wireless design, simply throw your phone on it when you arrive and let it charge for the day.

Look for wireless charging mouse pads with built-in coil systems that enhance the charging area, as well as a dual-charging port that allows you to rotate the pad as you wish. Of course, with numerous options available, find something that suits your office’s style or fits your personality.

#7 Pocket Projector

Must-Have Gadgets for Your Phone

Want to share your photos or watch a movie at a moment’s notice? Then you need a portable projector that fits in a pocket or purse. Look for a pocket projector that offers at least a 1080p resolution, making your movie night crisp, even if projected on a sheet in the backyard. It should also have DLP technology so it comes in bright enough, too. A long battery life of at least three hours should suffice for most movies.

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