Summer to autumn transition

Preparing For The Transition From Summer To Autumn

Summer to autumn transition

Summer is about to end, and with it the hot and sunny days. The rainy months are on the horizon, so we might as well prepare for autumn at its fullest. There are plenty of things that have to be done, and if you need help with this transition, here is a simple guide that will help you prepare. These are the most essential things you should do to prepare for autumn.

#1. Go Shopping For Groceries

It is time to replenish your supplies. Go to your local supermarket or a shopping mall, and bring a list of goods that you need to shop. The list should include among everything else, a few different types of tea, more vegetables and meat, as well as food which you avoided cooking during hot days.

Make sure you get a lot of veggies, for it is their turn now to shine. Also, look for different types of meat and get ready for some good food, for winter is coming.

#2. Shopping For New Clothes

With the turn of the tide, you have to change your wardrobe completely. From super-hot to not, the weather will change and so should your clothes. Be prepared for a lot of rain and wind, and buy clothes that are able to absorb the elements. Purchase clothes that are thicker and more resistant to cold weather.


Think about protecting yourself, for this transition is the most dangerous one. People don’t take it seriously and get stuck in their summer clothes, which leads to illnesses and a lot of unwanted bed time. Don’t be one of them – get dressed on time. Now, there are plenty of great sales in your local stores. To get the best deals, look for specials on ladies jackets and men’s wear or shop online.

#3. Start Walking, A LOT

Autumn is the best time of the year for long walks. The amount of fresh air found outside will restart your brain and help you rethink things. It will also inspire you and prepare you for a new year of work and success.

September is the best month for changes, so if you have any big decision that awaits your attention, now would be the time to address it. Walking is extremely healthy, especially in the morning and in the afternoon. Take your dog for a walk around the block, and enjoy the fresh air while recharging your batteries.

#4. Renovate Your House

If your house needs any attention, now would be the time to address the problem. Especially if you have leaks, the rain will have no mercy and it might cause even more damage than it costs to be repaired.


Also, you could do the thermal isolation of the house to prepare for the cold winter days and prevent heat loss. Start with the walls and take care of the roof if it needs any special attention. Make sure everything is in perfect order before the rainy days arrive.

#5. Pack Away The Summer Gear

The last thing on the list is packing your summer gear. Remove it from your wardrobe and pack it somewhere safely until next year. Make sure you place it somewhere out of sight to remove the chances of creating clutter and mess. Shorts, skirts, swimming suits and flops are gone; time to replace them with gloves, scarfs, hats and jackets.

Once you take care of these, your summer to autumn transition will be almost complete. The only thing that remains is to say goodbye to the ocean and the beach, until next year. Prepare for a new working season, and work on achieving your goals.

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