How to choose a hotel room

Selecting the Best Hotel for Your Vacation

Many people believe they simply need to find a hotel that meets their budget. As long as it comes cheap and has a decent rating, it should be all good to go. There are many more aspects that should get considered when selecting the best hotel for your vacation. Things like the distance, layout, and walking time also need to be thought about if you want to pick the right place and make the most of your time.

Measure the Distance Between the Hotel and Desired Destinations

Even when multiple families end up at the same location, each of them has a different idea of where they want to go. While one family may stay at West Hollywood hotels so they can visit the Sunset Strip, another family may prefer sightseeing and shopping around Santa Monica Boulevard. Each one will want to choose a different hotel based on the distance between where they’ll be staying and their desired destination spots. A closer proximity means more time spent doing enjoyable activities and less time trying to find and get to places.

Look at the Hotel Layout

When you go to book your room, be sure to first look at the overall hotel layout so you can be sure you’re getting a good spot. If the room is on the top floor and will require you to take the stairs, it may not be a good fit for your family. Perhaps the room is located at the back of the hotel with no fast access to the outside. You want to find a room that is close to the things you need most, such as access to the front desk, near the continental breakfast station, or close to the doors so you can get in and out promptly.

Ask About Upgrades

There are many secrets to hotel booking that people often miss. One is free upgrades typically given out to people who ask in private. You should never ask about an upgrade or free access to anything in front of other guests, as it makes it more likely that the hotel staff will not accommodate your needs. Instead, wait for the room to be clear and ask about the possibilities when no one else is around. They will more likely to give you a perk or two when it’s only you and they don’t have to give the same thing to a bunch of others. You could get free Wi-Fi service or access to a better view if you just ask.

Request Information

When you’re looking at scoring the best hotel rooms, you want to be sure you request information prior to accepting the key. Ask about events happening and whether or not certain floors are booked up with guests. There could be a wedding or even convention going on that would make for a noisy atmosphere if you get placed in the same area. Asking ensures you can request a change and get placed elsewhere for a quieter setting.

The cheapest hotel with the highest rating may work well for some, but it shouldn’t be the only things considered when booking lodging. Many more aspects come into play when it comes to selecting the best hotel for your vacation. Consider the distance between the hotel and your desired destinations, the  overall layout of the hotel, and request information and ask for upgrades in private to ensure the perfect hotel choice for your trip.

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