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Six Hobbies That Can Also Make You Money

Having hobbies is very important for all of us, however sometimes it’s nice to be able to use those pastimes to make a little extra cash on the side. There are lots of hobbies out there which, if you take them a little more seriously, can help you boost your income. Some pastimes can even end up being turned into a small business that generates an annual salary. Here are six hobbies which you might want to try if you want to make your pastime your career.


If you love writing for fun, it could be time to try turning it into a money making venture. These days, you can self-publish online, and this means you can try to make a little extra cash from your efforts without too much hassle. You can write short stories or a novel and then publish it yourself on Amazon or other online services. People will start to pay you for your efforts. Also, if you’re a keen writer, you can make money by selling your skills as a freelance service on sites such as PeoplePerHour and Upwork.

Design and Illustration

If you have artistic skills, you can turn those abilities into a profit-making side business. Freelancing as an independent artist and illustrator can give you excellent opportunities to make a little extra cash. If you’d rather have more control over the projects you work on, why not consider selling your artwork on sites like Etsy?


If you’re a keen amateur woodworker, there are some opportunities here to make money too. Wood-based art is very popular these days and you can sell your pieces at craft fairs and at art markets. All you’ll need is the right tools that allow you to make easy cuts so you can maximize your revenue from your projects.


Do you love spending time in the kitchen, rustling up delicious meals or tasty cakes? Food is definitely an artform these days, and you can start making some money out of this hobby. There are lots of ways that cooking can be channelled into making a profit. You can start up your own YouTube cooking channel or blog dedicated to creating exciting recipes, or you could set up a food truck operation.


If you’re a keen traveler, always jetting off to explore the planet, it’s time to make some money back to fund your expeditions. Traveling is a hobby which can definitely pay since the internet now allows you to share content and make money with your own travel brand. From reviewing hotels and resorts for money to running your own travel blog which lets you express yourself as you travel the world, it’s a brilliant way to profit from your favorite pastime.


Do you have a good quality camera? More importantly, do you know how to get the best out of it? If so, there are many ways to make money from your hobby. Freelance photographers can head to local gigs and events and profit from taking shots of the goings-on. If you’d rather, however, you can sell your images as prints or on stock photography websites. Even better, you can set up your own Instagram site, grow your following and then monetize it. The key is to choose the right niche or capture a particular type of lifestyle in your shots. It’s interesting to note that professional photography accounts are now proven to be the second most lucrative option on Instagram when it comes to brands paying for sponsored posts. So, it’s definitely time to consider investing in a new camera and taking a refresher course!

These are just some of the ideas of ways in which you can make some more money from your favorite hobby. Of course, there are other endless opportunities. From knitting and crocheting and selling the results of your work at craft fairs to making clothing and starting up your own online store, the world is your oyster if you are looking for creative ways to earn a little more pocket money. We hope that we’ve inspired you to try something new this year in your pursuit of extra funds!

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