Some Common Mistakes to Avoid Installations Wall Mirror
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Some Common Mistakes to Avoid Installations Wall Mirror

Have you ever wondered how the cake just does not feel right or even taste right without an adequate icing to top it with? We feel that any home is the same without wall mirror installations. Trust us, these installations do not just add oomph to your living space but transform it quite like nothing else. So, if you want a home that exudes your exquisite taste and is the epitome of a modern luxury, do not forget to get yourselves a mirror. Place it wherever you deem fit and see it create a magical difference at your home!

Now, you must be wondering what to do and how to install your square wall mirror? We know DIY is the best of all. You can be creative, and you can learn a lot. However, installing these mirrors is slightly technical. Do not fret fellas! We have your back! Let us take you through a tour of mirror installations so you understand the possible common mistakes related to it! Let us get started!

Common mistakes to avoid during wall mirror installation

Use of Measurement Tape without proper accuracy

While we understand that this must sound unreasonable, you would be surprised by the amount of times people make this mistake! Yes, you heard us right! Most people are unable to measure the dimensions accurately even using a measurement tape. Yikes! However, jokes apart, this is an issue real enough to force us to think of methods to prevent this!

Wall mirror installation tips

How to prevent this?

One great way to prevent inaccurate measurements is to mark them on every corner. As you take measurements of the mirror and the wall where it is to be placed, mark the different spots using a light lead pencil only. This ensures that your wall is not ruined, and helps you remember the measurements and the place quite accurately. Believe us or not, you will be stunned by the extent of improvement this one tip can show!

Buying an Incompatible Design

How to install big wall mirror

While everything else is equally important, we cannot emphasize enough on the importance of a compatible design purchase. We relate, almost every mirror looks beautiful and perfect for your home but let us pop the bubble. It is not! You must plan and create a rough picture in your mind about the part of the home where you want to get the mirror installed. And, if all else fails, the salesman helping your sort out the mirror design is your best bet! Ask them for their opinion because they have been dealing with mirror installation related queries more than you can imagine! As long as you have this step covered, trust us, you do not have much to worry about.

Paying less attention when taking sizes

How to install wall mirrors for home

Is it not that one seems to be swept away with all beautiful things in his/her surroundings? Walking into a mirror galore or ending up on an online mirror heaven is a beautiful experience. It is worth everything but just not that you pay less attention to size measurements. As mundane as it sounds, it happens quite often. People are not paying enough attention when taking sizes which results in the arrival of a mirror that is different from the size you required. And honestly, very few companies believe in an instant exchange policy when the client was the one giving wrong measurements. So, get your A-game on and let your mind focus on the mirror you want so dearly!

Not having double-check the measurements

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And just as important as paying attention to measurements is, double-checking them is equally important too. You cannot rely on one-time measurements to fetch yourselves the best mirror possible! Humans are capable of errors. Remember that? So, do not think you got this without running double-check of all measurements required!

Haste makes waste: Hasty decisions might make the situation critical

Wall mirror installation mistakes to avoid

Remember how they say that the idea of doing things quickly is the idea of the devil? Well, what it truly means is that when you hasten through a decision or an act, you might not get the desired results. Which is true! How many times have you tried to make your breakfast in a hurry and ended up spilling the coffee or burning the bread in the toaster? We know you have lost count, just like us!

Hey! Wall mirror installation should not be a hasty decision. It is not like your boss will fire you up if you will not get the rectangular wall mirror installed quickly! Sometimes making decisions can be hard. You feel lost and everything seems complicated. However, trust us when you think deeply and clearly, you do seem to understand. So, think well before which kind of a mirror you require, where it should be installed, and what measurements are adequate for your home. And voila, you will have the perfect mirror to adorn your space!

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