Sunglasses to Match Your Personality

Sunglasses to Match Your Personality

Accessories like sunglasses are an easy way to showcase your personality and style. They are easy to change to go with any outfit or situation as there are sunglasses for every look. You can go edgy one day and hipster the next. You can be sporty, minimalist, or eclectic.

The best part is you can change your aesthetic daily. Quality sunglasses run a bit more expensive, but they are still a relatively inexpensive way to add style easily. You can change up your entire look by simply swapping for a new pair of sunglasses throughout the day.


If you are looking to go a bit edgier in your look, you’re going to go for darker clothes, black combat boots, and metal finishings. The same is true for your sunglasses. Look for dark lenses and dark rims. They don’t necessarily have to be black; you can go with very dark grey or navy or even maroon.

You can also incorporate metal details on your sunglasses. Many pairs come with embellishment on the edges of the rims or the stems. Metal embellishments give your sunglasses a more edgy flair compared to those without metal.


The hipster look is more of a 70s retro style. Sunglasses can reflect your bright colors, fringe, and flare. The best sunglasses to look for are ones with colored lenses. Pinks, purples, and blues are very popular, but you can find sunglasses with almost any lens color.

For the rims, you can go pretty much any direction you want. If you want the colored lenses to be the focus, then it’s better to go for a thin rim with little embellishment. However, you can also find thicker rims in another bright color to bring more hipster flair to your look.


Sporty sunglasses are not just a fashion statement. Sunglasses are a necessity for anyone playing outdoor sports. You must protect your eyes from harmful sun rays. Sporty sunglasses should be just as functional as they are stylish.

However, you can still match them to your style. Go for black rims and lenses for a simple look or bright-colored rims to show off your personality. Costa Del Mar sunglasses are perfect for a sporty look.

You can also pair your sporty sunglasses with an athleisure look. Going for shorts and a stylish t-shirt or sweatpants and a jacket tie well together with a solid pair of sunglasses. Not only will you look great, but you’ll also stay comfortable all day long.


Minimalist style is all about simplicity. You would typically go for a neutral color palette of browns, greys, and off-whites. For your wardrobe, opt for pieces that can mix and match, meaning you can pull out any bottom and any top, and they will go together. When looking for sunglasses to go with your minimalist wardrobe, you also want a neutral palette and mix-and-match capabilities.

Minimalist frames almost blend in with your face. Skinny frames or even clear frames allow your skin to shine through. The great thing about clear frames is they always go with your outfit. A minimalist wardrobe allows for mixing and matching sunglasses that go with anything.


When going for a more eclectic look, make a statement. There are a lot of ways to accomplish this with your sunglasses. One way is to wear oversized sunglasses with large, thick frames. However, you can also make your sunglasses stand out by choosing tiny frames.

Look for frame shapes that are unique, such as circles or other shapes you don’t typically see. They will stand out a bit more and give an eclectic look to your style. There are also sunglasses with patterns on the frames to match any outfit color palette.

Find Your Style

No matter what type of sunglasses you’re looking for, there is a style to match your personality. See what you gravitate toward initially and follow your fashion instinct. Don’t be afraid to go bold and different with your next purchase. No matter what your style personality may be, there’s a sunglass frame out there to make you happy.

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