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Things you can do in Windows 10 to Recover Lost Partition

A recovery partition is an important segment of the hard disk. In case of any accident leading to loss of the operating system, a recovery partition helps to restore it. Although it may seem like a usual drive, avoid storing any other information on it, as it can cause a problem in the process of recovery. Hence, do not use it as a storage space.

Lost partition recovery has never been this easy. You can also make use of the damaged partition recovery if you lose the recovery partition due to whatever reason. Take a look at how convenient it is to create a recovery partition by means of RAW partition recovery software.

A partition is prone to loss. There are many factors that can contribute towards the deletion of partitions. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Accident: A partition may be deleted by mistake as a result of human error.
  • Corrupt Data: A partition table may be damaged as a result of glitch or fault in the operations of the disk.
  • Power Outage: Power failure can render a partition inaccessible or invisible.
  • Bad Sectors: The operating system may fail to recognize the partition owing to the bad sectors.

It is very essential to act timely. The partition that has been deleted or lost becomes inaccessible as it is unallocated from the drives. However, the information is not pushed out of the system until it is replaced or overwritten by new data. So, there are better chances of recovery if you act soon. It is also suggested to store information on an external disk or drive as it will provide you with a backup. The Partition recovery software helps you in a fastest way to restore data is to have full image backup, as it eliminates the need to reload programs or recreate files.

How to Create Recovery Partition on Windows 10?

Steps listed in this section can be followed by the users of the Windows 10 operating system to successfully create a recovery partition on devices. Those operating Windows version 10 and 8 can use a CD (compact disk) or a USB (flash-drive) in order to create a recovery partition.

  1. A tool called Recovery Partition Creation Tool is needed to begin the process. For that, go to the ‘Start’ menu, and commence the search by typing ‘recovery drive.’ Next, select settings, and find ‘create recovery partition drive application.’
  2. After following the steps mentioned above, you should be able to view the recovery partition of your operating system, provided it has one. In case you are unable to find a recovery partition, you would have to create one. Otherwise, copy it to the recovery drive.
  3. Select the option that reads ‘backup system files to the recovery drive’ while the creation tool is still running. Select ‘next’ to continue.
  4. Before creating a recovery partition, make sure you have selected the disk. If you are using a USB for the same, you can view it from the options. Select ‘Create’ to continue.
  5. Click on ‘Finish’ to complete the recovery partition creation on your device.

How to Restore a Deleted Recovery Partition?

As discussed before, no one is free of human error. It is likely that at some point of time you may lose the data by accidentally deleting the recovery deleted partition from the system. Under such unfortunate circumstances, you require dependable damaged partition recovery free software. This is where Recoverit Data Recovery tool comes into the picture.

You can recover all kinds of data with this easy-to-use and convenient tool. Furthermore, data can be recovered from raw partitions which include digital cameras, hard disks, flash drives, and other storage devices.

Before beginning the process, make sure that Recoverit Data Recovery tool is successfully installed in the device. Lastly, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Initiate the software. Then, locate the source from where the information was lost, erased or deleted. Click on start to continue.
  2. The software shall now begin scanning the system for the data files to be retrieved. The process may be time-consuming. Therefore, it is advised to have patience.
  3. The software will show you the list of recovered files upon completion of the scanning process. These results can be previewed. Once you have selected the intended files, click on the ‘recover.’

Partitioning refers to the division of storage into segments, sections, or disks. The need for partition recovery software escalates if you choose to use multiple operating systems. Different partitions may be allocated for different operating systems. In case of loss of data, the partition becomes invisible. That is to say, when the data is lost as a result of virus infection or deleted on account of human error, the information is still stored on the device. However, you cannot view or access it until you have partition recovery software.

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