5 Tips to Help Brides Avoid Common Wedding Dress Blunders

One of the most important and exciting days in any woman’s life is her wedding day. Not only is it when she will be officially joining her world to her significant other, but it’s when she has the opportunity create the romantic day of her dreams from the wedding venue and flowers to her reception decor and entertainment. But of course, if there’s one detail that is the most important of all, it’s definitely her wedding dress.

If you’re a bride-to-be who has a wedding coming up in the next several months, just so that you can feel like you selected a dress that you will absolute love and feel totally stunning in, we wanted to provide you with some common wedding dress blunders that former brides have made along with what you can avoid them below:

#1. Going With the First Dress that You See

When you’re shopping for a wedding dress, naturally you’re going to be anxious about finding one. But try and avoid purchasing the first one that you see. Try on several and then use your cell phone to take pictures in them. After you have slept on it, revisit the pictures and even ask a couple of people you trust for their opinion. That will help you to feel more confident in your ultimate choice.

#2. Opting for Shopping Online Rather than Going to a Physical Location

wedding dress shopping online reality expecations

OK, here’s the thing. In most cases, we’re all for purchasing clothes online but we also know what it’s like to go to a store and see something on a hanger that doesn’t look quite like we thought it did once we put it on our bodies. Shopping online for a wedding dress is a lot like that and if you wait too long, you might not be able to exchange it in time. So, if you have less than 9-12 months until your wedding day, avoid getting an online dress.

#3. Not Taking Your Body Type into Consideration

Wedding dress that fits your body properly

Remember, you want to be able to wear the dress; you don’t want it to wear you. This means that you need to factor in your body type. For instance, if your lower body is wide than your upper half (pear), avoid A-line cuts but do opt for a strapless gown. On the other hand, if most of your weight accumulates around your hips and your shoulders are broad (apple), empires waists can be really nice on you.

#4. Forgetting That You Will Not Be Standing Still All Day

bride looks bored in wedding dress

If you were to consult with a bridal store about how to avoid making a wedding dress mistake, one thing that we’re pretty sure they will tell you is that it’s important that you not just put on a dress and stand still in the mirror. Since you will be taking pictures, hugging people and dancing for hours on end, you need a dress that you can comfortably move in. So don’t be afraid to hop and skip a bit even as you’re trying dresses on.

#5. Failing to Bring Your “Accessories” Along

Wedding Dresses Accessories

Although your wedding dress is the “centerpiece” of your look, don’t forget that your jewelry and shoes are important too. Some women have had dresses with hems that are too short because they didn’t bring their very high-heels along. There are others who didn’t like the neckline of their gown as much as they thought they did once they put on their jewelry (and veil). So, as much as you can bring along to bridal gown visits that will complete your look, do so. That way, you can look as close to what you will on your wedding day and feel resolved in the fact that you got the perfect dress for it!


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