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Top 10 Best Video Enhancement Software For Android

Have you ever wanted to create a music video or movie clip, but don’t have the equipment to use? Don’t look too far – your android devices like phones and tablets can do that for you.

Make it possible by using any of these 10 best video enhancement software for Android:

10. Clesh Video Editor

With Clesh, users can publish their videos directly to Youtube and Facebook at high quality resolutions including 1080p HD. Users can also do timeline and storyboard editing.

Other features include subtitles, auto color correction and an in-app chat support for newbies.

9. Vid Trim Pro

As its name suggests, this application allows users to trim videos right there and then using their Android device. But it doesn’t end there.

VidTrim can convert videos into MP3 audio file or MP4 formats while allowing resizing and compression of these video files. It also has a frame grabber that saves images from your video files.

Videos saved in VidTrim can be shared via social media options available on Android phones.

8. AndroVid

This application has a unique feature of splitting your video clip into two separate video files and merge multiple videos into a single clip. Cool? Not only that, you can also add music to delete the audio or combine music with original audio.

Video frames can also be set as wallpaper. Lastly, you can add video effects like Mirror, Fade in/out, grey tone, slow motion and vintage among others to your files.

7. Videocam Illusion

It is the first mobile app to record videos with special effects in real-time. You also have the option to add filters and masks aside from the special effects to make your videos creative and unique.

Its filters include mono, color, chicago, pencil, thermal and x-ray. Masks include 8mm, corkboard, bricks and white border.

6. Lapse It

This award winning software captures time lapse and stop motion videos for your Android cameras. It has a very fast render engine and a well-designed UI that enhances videos. In addition to that, it has customizable frame rates and the ability to import from other apps and cameras. Lastly, it also has the ability to insert soundtracks to videos and render to MP4, FLV or MOV.

5. Animoto Video Maker

More than a video maker, this app should be called a music video maker because it has a vast music library where you can pick a soundtrack to add to your videos.

Users can also choose different styles like Retro Wheel, Brilliance and Animoto Original. Videos can be shared via social networks, email or even SMS. Created videos can be viewed from the Animoto website or from other mobile phones.

4. Andro Media Video Editor

The Andro Media Video Editor has an easy to use interface. You just have to drag and drop media files for easy editing. It can export movies in SD and HD (up to 720p) format.

Users can trim and combine video and audio files in two different editors. Effects and transitions can be applied to your files. It supports MP4, MOV, WAV, JPG and MP3 file formats. When creating movies, it has features for movie credits and overlay title clips for captions.

3. Droid Timelapse Pro

This Pro version of this video enhancement software has a screen off display timeout to save on battery life when using a mobile device. Its custom frame capture rate has intervals of up to 24 hrs.

Droid Timelapse Pro removes flickering by setting auto exposure to fixed or continuous during recording of videos. Video output is high quality MP4 and can support up to 1080p video resolution. Finally, it can save a lot of memory space because it does not store images.

2. Video Toolbox Editor

Using this software, you can easily rotate, flip, resize and trim videos. It can edit all file formats from an Android camera. Video Toolbox Editor has formats that range from AVI and MOV to MP4 and even MKV. It also has an easy-to-use converter which transforms video into other file formats that it supports.

1. Magisto Video Editor

Magisto is magic because it turns your videos to movies. It has an unprecedented AI technology that combines the best part of your videos to create fantastic clips.

It has a licensed music library from where you can add soundtracks. Magisto also has standout features like Automatic Video Stabilization, Facial recognition to detect important people in videos, adding of Instagram photos and even sharing of videos to Whatsapp.

So what are you waiting for? Download these incredible applications, start recording and enjoy watching those personal creations. Video Recording has never been this easier!

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