Top Family Attractions and Things to Do in Norfolk

If you are looking to book a trip then look no further than the beautiful area of Norfolk. Situated in the South Pacific Ocean, it can be found in the heart of Australian territory. Norfolk Island is around 900 miles from Sydney which is home to a wealth of vibrant nightlife, shops bars and restaurants. Brisbane is placed around 600 miles away and is a jewel in the Australian crown. It is considered to be one of the perfect places to vacation in Australia where you can choose from a number of different exciting family activities. From its wonderful local produce to its wealth of luxury accommodation there are plenty of things to see and do here.


This is one of the most famous places to visit on your travels. A popular attraction for many, you can find the ruins which dates back to the old penal settlement. Today you can experience;

  • Interesting artifacts in the museums.
  • Different types of plaques providing detail on the history.
  • The previous salt house which is an icon of Kingston itself.

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Emily Bay

The area of Emily Bay is another winner when it comes to things to do in Norfolk. This stretch of golden sand offers sheltered lagoons, crystal clear water and much more. It is extremely safe if you would like to enjoy a dip whilst its benefits include;

  • Having protection from the strong Pacific surf waves.
  • Enjoying a stunning coral reef swimming with flora and fauna.
  • The ideal place where locals gather.
  • The location to take a glass bottom boat ride.

Norfolk Island Golf Club

If your family are sporting addicts then you can have the opportunity to take on the fairways and lush greens of the local golf club. Enjoying a 9 hole course it is home to;

  • The biggest water feature on the planet, namely the Pacific Ocean.
  • A wide variety of golf contests throughout the entire year.
  • Cost effective green fees and club hire that will not break the bank.

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Burnt Pine

If you are searching for norfolk island holidays then you might want to look at Burnt Pine. This is the financial not to mention the commercial heartland of this particular location. In addition to this, you will find a string of hotels and leading shops in and around Burnt Pine. This is ideal especially if you are in need of a little retail therapy. Some of the best stores are to be found around Taylor’s Road which is within close proximity of a famous collection of shops called The Village Place.


Another famous place of interest which should be explored is the series of commemorations paying tribute to Australia’s bicentenary. Just moments from the post office in Burnt Pine, this took place back in 1988 and celebrated;

  • The 200 year anniversary of Australia.
  • The time of Arthur Phillips with his first fleet of convict ships.
  • The actual creation of Sydney.
  • The foundation of New South Wales.

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Captain Cook Monument

Things to do in Norfolk

Arguably one of the most significant monuments throughout the whole of Australia, the Captain Cook statue is one not to be underestimated. Constructed in 1953, it pays homage Cooks own landing and is based in the National Park. Visitors can have the opportunity to;

  • Admire the array of sea views.
  • Enjoy a host of barbeque amenities.
  • Take in the impact of Cooks historical voyage journey around the world.

Fletcher’s Mutiny Cyclorama

Travellers can get up close and personal with this mesmerising panoramic painting at Fletcher’s mutiny cyclorama. A popular attraction it has been awarded a prestigious Tourism Award and recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary. Here you can gain an insight into;

  • The unique history behind the numerous Bounty adventures.
  • Discovering all about the globe’s most well-known mutiny.
  • How the Pitcairn and Norfolk Island communities originated.
  • Gallery Guava which depicts a series of local works all produced by several Norfolk artists.

With its historical monuments, picturesque coves and botanic garden, Norfolk has it all. Furthermore, you should not forget about the part that locals have played in its development. There are numerous activities to please both young and old, whilst families are well catered for in this idyllic setting.

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