WakeID Portal - How To Reset Your Password

WakeID Portal – How To Reset Your Password

In the beginning of the school year WakeID (computer) passwords reset into student ID numbers. You must enter the following:

Name of User: Student ID number
Password: Students ID Number

Once the password is entered, an alert will pop up asking the students to update their password. Make sure to change the password, it has to be is eight characters long and doesn’t match your student ID.

WakeID Portal

Wake ID is a single sign-on service that gives students to sign in once and gain access to a wide range of different applications like e-mail, Google Apps, Google Classroom and Canvas. For sign-in:

Go through this page to access the Holly Springs High School Home Page

Scroll down until you see the purple line that is in center of screen. click the WakeID icon on the right.

WakeID portal will show as follows:

WakeID Portal

Click on Student to select it from the drop-down menu

Enter the WakeID that is typically the student’s Initial, Middle Initial, and their last name. For example: Daniel Tom Cooper would be DTCOOPER. (Hyphenated and popular names can be different WakeIDs)

Enter the password – The password for all WakeID logins used by HSHS students were updated to the student’s number prior to the start of each year. Once the student’s ID is entered the students will be asked for a password change.

Steps To Reset Student WakeID Password

The first step is to open WakeID Portal and click Wake ID Password Reset Icon.

wakeid 1

Make sure you have selected People from drop down menu.

wakeid 2

Type students name in Search My Students.

wakeid 3

Click Checkbox next to the student’s ID.

wakeid 4

Click Change Password.

wake id 5

Click Yes.

wake id 6

Scroll along the right to see password requirements.

wake id 7

Uncheck “USER MUST CHANGE PASSWORD AT NEXT LOGIN” if you want student to use the new password you reset it to. Click Save.

wakeid password change

Hope these above steps were helpful to you as a student to gain access to your WakeID account.

If there is any confusion or need further help, please feel free to ask.

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