Which Flowers Are Actually The Best Gifts On Any Festival

Which Flowers Are Actually The Best Gifts On Any Festival?

Be it birthday, anniversary, wedding, Easter or Christmas, you will find a suitable flower for almost every occasion or festival. When in doubt about what to present during a festival, head on straight and opt for flowers. It’s the ideal gift. According to flower specialist from lamouretfleurs.com flowers are a wonderful healing therapy and goes well with every occasion.

Another good part about buying bulk flowers as gifts is the fact that you would find something appropriate for every budget. Even if you have a limited budget of $10-$20 only, you would still be able to manage some lovely flowers as gift items.


The flower gladiolus symbolizes love. It can be love for your partner, friend, siblings or family members. During Valentine’s Day, chocolate day or even for cat day celebration, send someone a lovely bouquet of gladiolus. The flower is also termed as ‘delicate beauty’ sometimes. The reason is their tenderness and exquisite combination of colors. The variety of gladiolus has interesting names along with beautiful features. Some of the popular ones are glittering star, pulchritude, red alert, peerless and silver moon.


Any festival is to spread positivity and happiness and lily is the perfect flower for those occasions. During Christmas, Easter or your loved one’s birthday, a bouquet of lilies will be a beautiful present. If you are celebrating this Thanksgiving with your family, we would recommend taking a beautiful DIY bouquet made from fresh lilies. You can also give lilies as a graduation present to your siblings in hope of a positive future.


Orchids look more exotic

Orchids look more exotic and expensive than they actually are! This feature is a plus point for you while buying it as a gift item. Orchid expresses beauty, love, strength and kindness. These can a wonderful gift item on mother’s day, parents’ anniversary, wedding anniversary and so much more. Orchids are called luxury flowers too but if you buy them as bulk flowers, you can get them at an affordable rate. We recommend this flower as a gift item because orchids are universally loved flowers and are suited for any occasion.


We don’t have to elaborate much on the utility of this particular flower. Roses come in a wide variety of colors and each color has a symbolic meaning. For instance, yellow roses are used on friendship day, red roses on Valentine’s Day, white roses for weddings, pink roses for first year anniversary and the list goes on. This is an all season flower and you don’t have to worry about the availability or cost at all! You will find them online and offline everywhere sold as bulk flowers.

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Another beautiful and mesmerizing category of flowers are carnations. The beauty of these flowers is that you don’t need a specific festival to gift these to someone. Anyone would be absolutely delighted if they see carnations as presents. The bouquet with carnation flowers can be a wonderful gesture to new parents, your grandmother, your partner or your friend during any occasion.


Best type of flowers for gift

This bright flower has the power to brighten up anyone’s day through its beauty. For a housewarming party or graduation, get your friends a customized arrangement of daisies. Usually during Halloween, it’s difficult to choose the right flower. Surprisingly, daisies even go well during Halloween. The flower is so versatile and adaptive that it looks beautiful anywhere you place it. Hence you can use it for a spooky gift in Halloween or a soothing present during wedding parties as well.


Lilacs look quite elegant when packaged properly as a gift item. By packaging we mean, putting in a special effort in finer details of the bouquet. For a grand party, charity balls, silver jubilee or golden jubilee celebration lilac bouquets are the perfect choice. Based on the occasion, you can customize the bouquet’s ribbon and lace color. For instance, for Valentine’s Day, the ribbon can be something pink or fuschia whereas for birthdays, you can go for a light blue or bottle green ribbon.

You can also give a few add-ons with your flower bouquet based on different occasions. An assorted box of chocolates or some scented candles can be some of the add-ons you can use during special festivals.


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