Things to Keep in Mind When Installing Glass Doors
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7 Things to Keep in Mind When Installing Glass Doors

Glass doors have many advantages. They allow the light to come in, giving a room a light and airy appearance. This is why glass doors give the illusion of spaciousness. Modern technology has also given us access to tough glass doors, such as fire rated glass doors. Not surprisingly, they have become increasingly common on the Indian landscape.

However, glass doors are like regular wooden doors. These doors must be installed carefully, since glass has to be handled with care. As a result, glass door fittings are completely different from regular fittings. During installation you must also make sure that the carpenter has experience in working with glass doors.

1. Where to Install

Glass doors can be installed in a number of places. Some common installations include French windows, shower stalls, sliding kitchen doors and so on. They are also common in offices where an open view not only gives an illusion of space, but also encourages team spirit. The only areas where a glass door cannot work is where we need privacy, like a bedroom.

Glass is also better avoided in cases of doors that are important from safety point of view. Although, extremely tough today, a glass doors cannot match up to the security provided by a steel or solid wooden door.

2. Decide on framed or frameless

Glass doors can be framed or frameless. A frame provides additional safety and security, which makes it useful in areas like the entrance to a room. However, you do not need a frame in a shower stall. This is less to do with security and more to do with cleaning aspects. A shower is a very high humidity area where any kind of frame will eventually rust away.

Additionally, a frame has channels and grooves, areas where water and dust will accumulate. Water pooling around the frame will also eventually become a corrosive hazard.

3. Decide on fire rated glass

Today we have access to fire rated glass, which is different from ordinary or even toughened glass. It can be the perfect solution for fire safety that is both modern and aesthetic. With the expense involved you may use it only when required. However, find out its fire rating and ensure that it has been properly tested. Find out if there are any regulations regarding fire safety and use of fire screens in escape routes.

4. Glass door fittings

Glass doors require special fittings that are designed to handle their load and thickness. The toughness of an ordinary glass door often depends on its thickness, making it both heavy and thick. The fittings must, therefore, be able to support the extra weight. Glass door fittings are required to be extra tough and sturdy.

5. Check the security

Always personally check the security of a glass door when it is used anywhere other than inside a room (where security is not important). Many in-built glass door locks are just not sturdy enough and can be opened easily by anyone with a modicum of skill. You can look for glass door locks in the market. There are a number of options to today — from keypads to biometric scans! Select one that fits your budget and requirements.

6. Sliding or not

Glass is very often used in sliding doors. This is often because of the design, such as French doors or in case of space limitations. Because glass is often used in areas with space constraints, the coupling of sliding frame becomes inevitable. However, some doors like shower stall doors are almost never sliding. This is because these doors are not framed, as explained above.

So, sliding doors usually apply where we want to save space. By sliding along a frame, the door is not required to take any extra space when being opened or closed.

7. Corrosion resistant fittings

It is important to check the ability of the glass doors to withstand corrosion in case the door is going to be installed in a corrosive environment, such as a shower stall. This is a highly corrosive environment where the fittings are exposed to water, soap and dirt on a daily basis. This will eventually affect the fittings. Hence, it is advisable to use corrosion resistant material when it comes to glass door fittings in corrosive areas.

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