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7 Amazing Tips to Choose The Perfect Fireplace Mantel For Your Home

Are you unable to choose the perfect fireplace Mantel for your home?

Is it true that you are regularly searching online for fireplace mantel but still unable to understand the needs?

Do you find trouble in finding the best mantel that could perfectly match your home décor and interiors?

Engendering such a confusion and immense trouble for selecting the perfect fireplace mantel is natural. Nonetheless, there is a large number of options available today for selecting the fireplace mantel.

Here, I will share some tips that can really help you to choose the ideal mantel for your home.

You only need to add these ways in your checklist while purchasing fireplace mantel. Hence let’s have a look at that:

1. Look and feel of the mantel 

Mantel is just like a crown for your fireplace in your home. It plays a very significant role in adding a great decorative attraction to your home decor.

So, you just need to think about the design that you want to look with mantel.

You also need to consider other colors and designs of fireplaces already present in your home. This is necessary so that you can choose the design and color matching with other décors.

So, here you also have the option for custom fireplace mantel if you can understand the look and feel of it.

2. Consider the material of mantel

The fireplace mantel is available in different material like cast stone mantel, limestone fireplace mantels, marble mantels, wood mantels, and much more.

Earlier mantels were made of concrete, wood or hand carved where you will find side detailing towards the floor.

Anyway, if your home has a rustic décor, you may consider rock, brick or timber for your mantle.

3. Consider the fireplace style and size 

You should check the size and style of the fireplace so that you can choose the mantle that can easily fit your fireplace. If your fireplace is large in size, you can choose the horizontal mantle.

Mantle just appear as the main feature in your room when it is applied around the fireplace. So, here you should determine the actual size of the mantel so that you can have an appealing look in your home.

However, if you need to have custom cast stone fireplace mantel, marble mantel or any other stone mantel, size is a matter of great concern.

4. Some fireplace may not need mantle

You will find some homes where you will not find any need for the fireplace mantle. If you are already having a concrete designer or simple slab over the fireplace, you need not have the mantle.

So, if you have such kind of fireplace in your home, better you avoid mantel to have the elegant look of your home. 

5. Consider the overall space of your room

Look at the size of your home because it’s a matter of great concern when you need to choose mantle.

If the size of your home is small, avoid that big size and heavy design mantle as it can badly affect the design of your home.

If your home size is large, you can consider the heavy design and large mantle that can fit your fireplace. Here, you can use the mantle as the place for displaying your family photo, or achievements.

6. Position for TV display 

If you want to hang a flat-screen TV above the fireplace mantle, the height of mantle should be good to have the comfortable view.

Many people find that they are comfortable watching TV in a seated position when the bottom of the TV is 42 to 43 inches from the floor.

This shows that fireplace mantle needs to have less height so that you can have a comfortable view towards TV.

7. Focal point 

The fireplace is always a focal point in your room, so it always needs to look impressive.

And, if you want to make it a focal point, you need to focus on every aspect of it.

You need to look everything like design, color, material, size and more.

Apart from these things, you should also concentrate on the surroundings materials near to it.

This is needed to show the elegance of your fireplace mantle. So, choose the mantle as per the materials present in your home.

So, whenever you go for purchasing fireplace mantle, always remember these points in your mind. This will help you to find the best fireplace mantel for your home. However, you may also visit many shops to look and finalize the perfect mantle keeping all these above points in your mind.

If you need more ideas for choosing the perfect fireplace mantle, please let us know in our comment box below.

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