How to Personalize Your Outdoor Space
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3 Great Ideas for Personalizing Your Outdoor Space

Wondering how you can inject personality into your outdoor space? Here are three effective ways to add interest and beauty to your garden, making it all your own.

1. Include a Fire Sphere

Every yard should have a focal point, and this is where you can really put your own personal touch on your outdoor space. Choose a feature that will really stand out in your garden, such as a work of functional sculpture. A custom-crafted steel sphere fire pit is the perfect option for adding a unique feature to your yard. When lit, this adds the excitement of a crackling fire to the space. You can multiply the effect by placing more than one sphere in your yard. All that’s left for you to do is set out some outdoor furniture, invite your closest friends and you’ll have your new favorite spot to enjoy nature and gather with your favorite companions.

2. Add a Bird Bath

Here’s a classic way to add an extra element to your garden – the beauty of wildlife. A white cement birdbath is a traditional design that’s suitable for gardens of all shapes, sizes and styles. As an added bonus, these simple birdbaths can often be found at your local nursery, and they’re often inexpensive. The white cement blends well with dense foliage and landscape plants. This visually appealing placement will be sure to draw birds to your yard. It will make them feel right at home and encourage them to come back and give you another visit!

3. Create a Pond

The sights and sounds of a water offer endless fascination – that’s why adding this feature is a foolproof way to inject some extra drama to your garden. You can add a pond to even the smallest yard. Pre-made pond liners can be installed easily, but make sure you have a quality pump to keep the water moving. If you desire, you can add koi fish to your pond to give it a little extra life. Introduce the fish gradually to allow the water to adjust – this will keep the fish healthy and avoid shocking the pond. It’s also recommended that you place a combination of surface and submerged plants to give your fish places to hide from potential predators and the sun.

Your yard has the potential to be the perfect spot to unwind from the day’s pressures. By making these outdoor upgrades, your outdoor space will be the serene, attractive sanctuary you’ve always desired.

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