How Mobile Gaming Makes Big Money

The mobile gaming business is making money go ‘round in this highly digitalized era—with no signs of slowing down.

Mobile gaming revenues alone (separate from the overall video gaming industry) are expected to grow to $46.1 billion by the end of the year. Technology advancements are fueling this fruitful economic sector, resulting in an ever-expanding audience along with endless opportunities for brands and publishers to take advantage of.

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Fuel for the Mobile Gaming Business

We live in an age of smartphones, tablets, phablets, notebooks (not the paper kind) and device names that end with the words “Air” or “Galaxy”—the world has become our oyster through a digital, very portable screen. Accessibility to the fastest network connection has introduced the ability to connect and communicate with others across the globe, instantly.

And the best mobile processors for gaming and visual entertainment are housed right inside these gadgets we live on. All the technological progress and innovation that has taken place in the past two decades has made mobile gaming one of the most popular mobile activities for all walks of life.

Expanded Audience

“Gaming” was formally thought of as an activity specific to teenage boys, where they could pretend to be in a battlefield, drive race cars or play ball in the body of their favorite athlete—oh, how the times have changed. The audience for gaming has expanded and diversified in large part due to the mobile technology available to a wide-ranging demographic of people.

Doctors in training are practicing medical procedures via simulated applications on their tablet, students of all ages are playing “serious” games, aka games that serve an educational purpose to get ahead of the dreaded school curb, and moms are inviting their friends, their kids and the rest of the family to join the Candy Crush Saga through means of Facebook sharing.

This new kind of gamer is changing strategies for marketers and game publishers, generating new ways to bring in the dough.

Money-Making Potential

By the end of 2017, there will be an estimated 2.4 billion smart phone users and 1.23 billion tablet users in the world. And where the money goes, the publishers and brands will follow. Big-time game publishers are finally accepting the revolution from old school game console to modern-day mobile app and are starting to adapt their classic games to fit the small, yet ultra high-definition screens of mobile consoles.

Money-Making Potential in Mobile Gaming Business

Nintendo, the kingpin of video gaming, will make the long-anticipated entrance into the mobile market by designing original games featuring Nintendo characters exclusively for smart devices. Not only will loyal fans likely rejoice and flock towards these mobile games, but also the game publisher will gain a crowd never tapped into before.

Aside from the major video game publishers, smaller software application developers have gained a piece of the pie with this shift towards mobile. Now anyone who knows how to program and has an idea with viral potential can make millions by charging little to no money per purchase. Much of the revenue generation for mobile gaming comes from advertisers who have jumped on board with extremely engaging platform.

Shift in Marketing Dollars

Mobile gaming has birthed a brand new channel of engagement for brands to reach consumers and collect valuable behavior analytics to apply to marketing strategies. Because mobile users are working, socializing/communicating and managing their lives all on their smart devices, their “online” behavior can be recorded, analyzed and applied to mobile marketing in gaming.

For instance, brands can find out what their consumers are interested in, align this data with a specific game they want to partner with, then drop a video ad during the game or even feature their brand as a product within the actual game action. These already captivated eyes on the visual and immersive platform are sparking possibilities left and right for cash to flow to and from mobile gaming and its allies.

Mobile gaming is where the big bucks lie. There’s no denying it, so and not fighting the movement, those who want to capitalize on it are making it their business, metaphorically and literally.

It’s an ever-growing industry that will no doubt be the future for brands and consumers.

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