How to prevent burnout

How to Beat Burnout

Do you struggle with extreme tiredness most of the time? Perhaps you’re grumpier than usual, you’re easily angered, or you no longer have the inner passion to do your job well. If all of these are ringing true, you may be suffering from burnout.

Work can truly get in the way of our health and happiness if we don’t maintain the correct work/life balance. While you may instantly come to the conclusion that it’s best to change jobs, there are small steps you can take to completely transform your life for the better.

Here are some of the best tactics to prevent burnout:

Find Support

Feeling totally burnt out can often make you feel isolated and alone. It can be easy to look at others around you and feel envious of the fact that they’re getting on with their lives as usual.

Instead of hiding under the covers and waiting for the period to pass, a better option is to seek support from those who understand what you’re going through. Reaching out won’t make you a burden. In fact, those you turn to will probably be honored that you trust them enough to open up about how you really feel.

If you aren’t getting the support you need from colleagues or your boss, it may be time to ask for sick leave and seek outside help from the likes of Keeping your mental health in check will prevent you from going on a downward spiral.

Re-Assess Your Life

Hitting rock bottom can often trigger you to re-assess your life and work out what you really want.

When you feel you’ve tried your best to achieve something but have received little satisfaction from the work you’ve put in, it may lead you to re-think your goals, ambitions and priorities in order to find happiness again. It may seem like an overwhelming process initially, but taking small steps should lead you on the right path. This may be as simple as speaking with a friend or researching available job roles that may be better suited to your skillset and personal life.

Take Time Out

Sometimes you have to be brave enough to bite the bullet and admit that it’s all getting to be too much. Juggling too many things at once can often lead to complete burnout, which is often the case for business owners who always feel the need to be available. Don’t be afraid to take a break or use any vacation entitlement you have left to refresh the mind and body. Also make sure to leave your laptop and phone at home so that no one can distract you from your few weeks of peace.

Cut off Contact with Negative People

When you’re already feeling down, being surrounded by toxic people certainly isn’t going to help. Negative characters will only drag your mood down further and encourage you to develop a negative outlook. Spend time with those who have your best interests at heart and are able to point you in the right direction so that you walk away feeling uplifted and positive about your next steps.

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