Is Your Child In An Abusive Relationship

Is Your Child In An Abusive Relationship?

Meeting your child’s first boyfriend or girlfriend or even learning that fact that your little one who used to wear her hair in pigtails a few years ago is not on the verge of adulthood where they are learning to be their own person and forming relationships with other people is the definition of the ultimate nightmare for most parents. While most parents detest the moment and the person who might be vie for their child’s heart, there is not much parents can do to prevent it.

While most people they child might be in a relationship with turn out to be okay people, sometimes even better than okay making parents lay down their weapons and mean demeanour and accept the person into their lives, there are times when the opposite needs to be done no matter what the consequences may be.

Such consequences, although rare, do occur from time to time and turn out to be a parent’s worst nightmare without any sort of external influence at all. One of such occurrences may be when the child is in an abusive relationship, a kind of a relationship where the person you child is with physically or emotionally abuses your little one and they are just too blind to see it and even if they do, there is not much that they can do about it since the one they are with is quite influential.

At times like these it becomes a parent’s responsibility to step up and assess the situations before it blows out of proportions and there is nothing that can be done to fix it. When something like this transpires, the child in question might be too reluctant to admit what is going on in order to preserve their self esteem, their parent’s trust and their pride. Therefore, as mentioned earlier, parents need to take the situation in their own hands. In such situations, spy apps can be on great help. Not only can it provide you the info that you desperately need to take the matter up with your child in a way that they are not able to refuse you and yet allows you to take your child far away from the abuser.

Here is what spy applications can do for you:

1. Provide You With Message And Call Logs

Whether or not your child comes to you or talks to your about the predicament he or she is in, they are nevertheless going to talk to a friend about it. Therefore, looking through their calls and texts logs you can see which friend are the talking to more than the others and what have they been texting to each other. Secondly, if the person your child is in relationship with texting him or her too, you may be able to tell from the tone of the text and the language used in it to tell you of the nature of the relationship.

2. Allows You To See Through Their Online Activities

People, the ones who are the abusive ones in an abusive relationship tend to be very insecure by nature and tend to exhibits boughs of extreme jealousy, restricting their partners from having a relationship of any sort with any person apart from him or her. While it is hard to find any evidence of such behaviour in the real world, the most probable signs of this is usually exhibited by the one being abused is on social media where their once very active presence is reduced to something akin to not even there.

3. Provide You Access To Data Later

It is usually very hard, if you are someone from the outside, to tell if your child is in an abusive relationship or not, especially at first. In such situations the data obtained using the spy app should be collected and reviewed later. That way, when you have ample of data stored up on the servers of the spy app you are using, you will be able to review them analytically and be able to put two and two together much quickly and with ample proof than you were able to before.

The Bottom Line

No one should have to be a part of an abusive relationship, especially if it is a minor and a child since such experiences could have a traumatic effect of that person for the rest of their lives. Thus, do not pay much heed to the talks of spy apps being invasive and put them to use to keep your child safe, even for their own very selves.

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