Setting Up Basic Communication Tech for a Virtual Business

Setting Up Basic Communication Tech for a Virtual Business

With the onset of the internet and other advanced communication technologies, it’s possible to have a business with no storefront or manage a business virtually. There are some essential functions you’ll want to set up so your clients can easily reach you.

Phone Numbers

If a customer needs to contact you directly, calling is still the quickest and most effective way to communicate. You can get a separate business line if you choose, but there are easy ways to get phone numbers for your business, that connect to your existing cell phone or landline. For local numbers, you can use Google Voice. Google Voice lets you choose a number with a local area code, and you can call or text from your phone or computer. Getting a toll free number for business is an excellent idea because it’s easy for customers, and gives you a national presence.

Physical Address

Virtual businesses still need addresses. Although you’ll have to use your home address for licensing and tax purposes, you don’t have to list it publically. Companies like Anytime Mailbox give you a physical address, and allow you to either set up forwarding to your home address or scan and view your mail digitally.

Website and Social Media

Perhaps the number one entity to set up for your business is a website. Even if your business doesn’t function as e-commerce, your client will still want to know you have a web presence. Consumers don’t view companies in the 21st century without a website as trustworthy as those that have one. Likewise, it’s essential to have at least one active social media site so your clients can follow your work, and know that other people are engaging with you.


Some analysts have said that email marketing is dead due to the number of emails people receive on a day to day basis leading to low open rates. This rumor is far from true. An email list is still one of the most profitable sources of income you can have, especially as a virtual business. Email is a direct line from your company to the eyes of the people who are most likely to buy your product or service. If they voluntarily subscribed to hear from you, be consistent and contact them regularly.

Staying in touch with your employees and clients in business is vital, and setting up these four lines of communication will give your business the tools it needs.

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