Sports Luxe is the Look for this Spring Summer

Sports Luxe is the Look for this Spring Summer

As well as being practical, sports clothing is bang on trend.

It’s always an exciting time of year when the looks for the new season start trickling in. This season is going to bring lots of fresh new styles with it, but Sports Luxe is very much here to stay and we are so here for it. Whether it’s actual sports gear that’s so good you’ll want to wear it absolutely everywhere, or sleek looks that give a nod to exercise without breaking a sweat, here are some of the ways you can get the style.

Get Yourself a Golfer’s Polo

Golfers should rejoice, as this summer those polo-shirts that you’ve been saving for the green are going to be so in. Fans who are planning on watching the US open should be sure to pay attention to Oddschecker’s favorite, Brooks Koepka, not just because of his infamous ‘it’s fashion bro’ moment, but because this guy has a collection of polo’s that anybody would be proud of. If you’re looking to get in on this style, then Prada have a whole host of gorgeous polo shirts, but this color block offering is the one that everyone will be swooning over. Yellow and black is back.

Luxe it Up in Chunky Sneakers

The mega trainer has been around in the background for a while now, with brands like Yeezy giving it a presence while making sure it’s super exclusive. Chunky sneakers are a great way to add youth and interest to a simple outfit and Alexander McQueen seem to have based their entire sneaker collection around this idea. Space age soles give this whole collection a distinctly otherworldly look. The lustrous dégradé spray job that’s been given to a couple of the styles is so reminiscent of the loudest looks from Rocketman. If Elton made it look that good, then you can too.

Work It in Cycle Shorts

Who said cycling shorts were only for cyclists?

Once relegated to only MAMILs (middle-aged men in lycra), this season the cycle short has made a total U-turn. No longer the sole property of the slightly overweight cyclist, these skimpy shorts have been reinvented by brand after brand after brand. Versace have, as ever, fashioned it the most, with their stunning and totally over the top Barocco Lace cycling shorts. Although these might not be the most practical if you’re actually planning on getting on a bike, they look fantastic paired with a lightweight knit, or a simple black silhouette top. If you work hard at the gym then why not show it off?

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