4 Tips for Making Your Dog Instagram Popular

Cats are not the only pets lording over the social media scene anymore. Lately, dogs are taking their own spot in the limelight as well. In fact, if you have an instagram account for your canine pal and you’re considering getting in on the action as well, here are some tips for making your dog instagram popular.

Dress up your dog

For instant boost in cuteness, let your furry friend try on some dog outfits. There is always something about animals in cute clothes that is both visually appealing and heartwarming at the same time. Photos of dogs in costumes is a guaranteed method to capture the hearts of potential followers.

Choose photos that showcase your dog’s personality

Start off by taking as many shots of your dog as possible and do not discriminate about the timing too. Take a photo while he’s sleeping, when he’s eating, playing, or even when he’s just staring at nothing. Take a photo when he’s taking a bath, or when you’re both walking on the beach, or when’s so sleepy that he couldn’t even keep his eyes open. Take as many photos as you can and then carefully choose the images that bring out your dog’s unique character. Your dog’s personality is what will make your dog IG account different from all other dog accounts out there.

Experiment with different styles

You may have had a particular style in mind when you started with your dog’s account but don’t be afraid to shake things up every once in a while. For example, even if you originally intended to take just black and white shots, try inserting a dab of color in the next two or three posts. Maybe start by just showing the color of your dog’s eyes or collar (while keeping the rest of the image in black and white).  Or perhaps, you can try on some sepia scheme. See if these work. Whichever way you choose, it breaks the monotony of your instagram account, and gives your followers something to look forward to. If you get more likes, then great. If not, then you can always go back to your original theme.

Of course if your current scheme is still working (meaning it’s still earning you lots of views and followers), then you can postpone this experimentation to a later time.

Follow other dog IG accounts

Aside from earning new friends by following other dog accounts, you also get new ideas by looking at other IG posts. You don’t necessarily have to copy what they are doing. You just need to get some inspiration, some new perspective, or maybe even just the desire to keep on posting.

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