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Five Travel Destinations You Should Explore in Your Trip to the USA

When it comes down to traveling to the US, the country offers stunning and spectacular areas to its tourists. From beautiful coastlines, exotic beaches, snow-capped mountains to red rock forests and historical museums, domestic and international travelers have many attractions to choose from. It is next to impossible to decide which places deserve the title of the best in the USA. Every destination you visit will have new and charismatic vibes associated with it that your mind won’t forget anywhere in the future.

Even if you aren’t a native of the US, you can catch a glimpse of what American life is – the diverse cultures, delicious cuisines, and fascinating places. Having the opportunity to meet other people and relate to their cultures builds compassion and benevolence in the personality. You will truly relish the time exploring and learning about the history and heritage of the country.

Indeed, you can’t visit all the must-see travel spots in a single trip because there are too many to count. However, if you are unsure where to start and which places to include in your bucket list, the following list can direct you on the right track:

1. Gatlinburg, Tennessee

If you are uncertain about the starting point in Gatlinburg, roam around the town in an archaic Gatlinburg trolley and explore the area. You can have spontaneous fun in shopping outlets, cafes, museums, and other sightseeing spots on these routes. After this, you can go hiking to the Clingmans Dome, a part of the Great Smokey Mountain National Park.

While you explore this mountain town, your body also needs some time to relax and unwind. Therefore, look out for those hotels in Gatlinburg TN that offer awe-striking and enthralling mountain views. At the same time, you sip a glass of sparkling wine. Indulge in outdoor games, bath in heated pools, and enjoy the serenity while you loosen up during your stay.

Before leaving Gatlinburg, make a stop at the Great Smokey Arts & Crafts Community and get amazed by the art and talent of the artists that display Tennessee culture. You will have the freedom to interact with sculptors, painters, jewelers, and engravers. Don’t forget to collect souvenirs to keep alive the memories of the States.

2. Disney World, Florida

The name itself is enough to conjure thousands of emotions of joy, thrill, delight, and excitement. First and foremost, experience the real fun in heart-pounding rides in the Magic Kingdom. With the Cinderella statue in the middle of this theme park, kids can enjoy the fantasies in real-time. Become a part of the Happily Ever After Show and get a chance to listen to the childhood stories and songs of Disney princesses.

Head over to Epcot and get to know about the people and different traditions of 11 countries. Don’t miss out on a chance to enjoy festivals in Epcot that takes place four times a year. Also, don’t overlook the beauty of water parks while you are in Disney World. Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach are two parks where American beauty unfolds in an ever glorifying way. The magnificent waterfront and exhilarating areas make the two places worthy of a visit.

3. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, commonly known as the Sin City, is full of sites where you can have endless and unforgettable fun. The city is much more than the poker games, partying places, or wedding chapel with Elvis impersonator. Las Vegas is full of energy and lights, and what better way is there than to see the whole city from meters above. Therefore, book your helicopter ride and take a tour of the town at night-time.

If you wish to enjoy a free attraction in Las Vegas, then Bellagio Fountain Show has got you covered. The best thing about the fountain show is that it is never the same as the previous ones since the playlist changes each time with the waterfalls. Also, don’t forget to walk around the old downtown, Freemont Street. The street allows you to enjoy the famous Viva Vision Canopy, live performances, multiple games, and outdoor mall experience.

4. Big Island, Hawaii

The Big Island or the Island of Hawaii is one of the best places to explore nature to its fullest. From volcanoes to beaches to sand, the island offers its tourists to enjoy the awe-inspiring views. Book your snorkeling tour with manta rays to enjoy one of the must-do activities in Hawaii firsthand. If you are afraid of fishtails, you don’t need to fret. Manta rays are harmless. Make sure to visit Panalu’u black Sand Beach to discover green sea turtles. Although it might seem tempting to get a closer picture of these turtles, remember not to get too close because they are endangered.

Check into the Big Island’s most famous destination, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, to see molten lava. Moreover, your visit to the Big Island of Hawaii is incomplete if you haven’t tried the Kona Coffee. Learn about the history and making of Kona coffee by visiting one of the coffee farms. And while you are in Hawaii, explore Akaka Falls State Park and enjoy the splendid view of two consecutive waterfalls; Akaka Falls and Kahuna Falls.

5. Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville, South Carolina, is the third-largest urban area in the US and is well-known for the hospitality of its people. The city offers its tourists a wide range of attractions and activities from art, food, and history. Start your tour with the downtown’s greatest treasure, Fall park, on the Reedy. The magnificent stonework, waterfalls, beautiful gardens, and historic selections of public art sculptures offer locals and tourists a breathtaking view. If you are in for an outdoor adventure, hop on to Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail. The 20-mile-long trail is a great site to view some renowned parks and arts. You can either walk, ride on a bike, or exercise and enjoy nature on this trail.

You can also enjoy wildlife creatures such as alligators, lions, giraffes, orangutans while visiting Greenville Zoo. Immerse yourself in old and new art collections by visiting the Greenville County Museum of Art. Don’t forget to check out Andrew Wyeth’s watercolor pieces. Make sure to stop at Larkin’s on the River and dive into the downtown’s delicious cuisines.

Final Words

A trip to the US will surely give you a much-needed breath of fresh air. The country offers a dynamic range of breathtaking places that one must visit once in a lifetime. Apart from glamorous cities and famous tourist spots, don’t forget to discover and take a stroll in lesser-known and no-name little towns. These places are worth visiting, and you can have the time of your life in quirky diners, small shops, and deserted wilderness. Who knows, you might find some arcane gems wandering in these so-called meaningless areas.

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