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What’s Up with California Republic Clothes?

It’s hard to argue with California’s status as the preeminent state in the union, at least in terms of its cultural impact on the rest of the country as well as the world at large. Perhaps an argument could be made for New York, but when it comes to casual wear, it doesn’t even come close.

The state may not be mentioned in the same way New York, Milan, or Paris are when it comes to fashion. But as far as casual wear goes, California is largely responsible for popularizing the jeans and t-shirt template seen the world over today.

And as an actual clothing theme and idea, California is heads and shoulders above all the other states – period. California Republic clothes and other items that feature themes related to California are always a huge seller. And unlike with a lot of other state-specific clothing, California Republic apparel isn’t just a thing tourists get – clothes with these themes are popular with locals too.

Why are California Republic Clothes “A Thing”?

A lot of it has to do with California’s unique history. As many of those born and bred in the Golden State already know from just looking at the state flag, California was once an independent country, though for just 25 days.

A small group of American settlers who had entered Mexico’s Nueva California province illegally had demanded the right to purchase and rent land — both things denied them because they had entered Mexican territory without permission. The settlers then revolted in 1846, under the flag that would later become the California Republic flag we know today.

The historic California Republic flag was partly based on the Texas flag with its single star, and the iconic grizzly bear was chosen because California was home to many bears at the time. The words “California Republic” was then prominently displayed under the bear with a small red field on it. The current state flag is a variation of the historic flag, keeping all the elements and rearranging them into the layout known the world over and seen on shirts, totes, and hoodies everywhere.

California was never technically a republic – even though the flag clearly says “California Republic” on it. Perhaps the settlers planned to start a republic but neither they nor their patrons in the United States ever got around to it by California became a state in 1850. However, the idea that California was once its own independent country continues to be a powerful idea, inside and outside the state, even today.

The California Republic Lives On

In California, the flag and the “California Republic” idea are just part of everyday life. In a way, maybe it’s because things have not really changed. Bears may have gone extinct in the state decades ago, but California continues to attract immigrants not just from within the United States, but from all over the world. The state’s history, unique mix of cultures, and its vibrancy continue to capture imaginations everywhere.

Perhaps that’s why California Republic hoodies, t-shirt, caps, and other California Republic-themed apparel are still big sellers. History buffs, dyed-in-the-wool Californians, and freedom-lovers from all political persuasions can’t seem to get enough of California flag-themed items.

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