Fashion Tips for Petite Women

12 Style Tips for Petite Women

Fashion is not limited to certain body types or even heights for that matter. It is simply about dressing right. The key lies in identifying clothes that flatter your figure. Your clothes should accentuate what you already have. Here is a guide to help the extra petite woman style herself fashionably.

1. Great Fit Always Rocks

No matter what size you are, the most important secret to looking good is wearing the right fit. Wearing well fitted clothes is half the battle won.

Tip: Avoid loose fitting clothes as they make you appear shorter.

2. Wear Stripes

To create the illusion of height, petite women should wear more stripes and monochromes. These will make you look taller than you actually are. So, incorporate more stripes into your wardrobe in the form of pants or even dresses.

Tip: Flatter your body by bringing attention to your bust line or waist.

3. Choose Textures Wisely

If you love ruffles and other textures, go easy on them. The trick is to balance it. If you wear pleats on top, wear something plain at the bottom.

Tip: When wearing fringes or anything like that, make sure you wear a good belt to define your figure. Team up textures with plain solid colours and go light on the accessories.

4. Go High Waist

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Skirts should be tucked just above your waist. Anything that sits a little higher will make your petite figure appear slimmer.

Tip: Tuck in your cardigans or top to add more definition to your waist.

5. Boho Skirts and Maxi Dresses

The light fabric and flowy length of maxi dresses and boho skirts create the illusion of height. They also make your look sleeker and more slender.

Tip: Make sure your skirt or dress ends right at the ankle or a little beyond.

6. Ankle Pants or Flared High-Waist Pants

When selecting your denims or pants, pick those that end right at your ankle or a little above, but definitely not beyond. If you are interested in full length pants, opt for the flared varieties with a high waist. These, teamed with heels, look perfect on petite women.

Tip: Cropped pants make your legs look shorter, so be careful.

7. Perfect Sleeve Cap

The cap of your sleeves must sit right at your shoulders. If wearing a blazer, the sleeves should end right at your wrist. This creates a very soft look.

Tip: When wearing long coats, make sure you wear them open buttoned. The length should be either mini skirt length, mid-length or just knee length but surely not longer than that.

wearing long coats

8. Light Material

Always opt for light fabrics. Heavy and box-like silhouettes do not look good on petite figures.

Tip: Wear one-tone dresses in light material.

9. Fist-Size Prints

When wearing prints, make sure you don’t go overboard. Very large and complicated prints can overwhelm your persona. Stylists suggest that prints should not be larger than your fist.

Tip: To play it safe, always balance prints with solid colours.

10. Skinny Belts and High Heels

When selecting a belt, always look for the skinny variety. If you must wear a wide belt, match it to your outfit. Similar colour tones create an illusion of height. As for shoes, heels obviously are a great choice. But flats in ballerinas and chappals also look great.

Tip: Try and wear T-strap flats. These create a slender and taller frame.

11. Necklines

Plunging necklines create an illusion of height. These elongate your frame and make you appear taller.

Tip: Long statement necklaces help create the illusion of height just like V-necks or plunging necklines.

12. Miniskirts Are Your Best Friend

Any type of miniskirt – flared, plated or mini-wrap – is your best friends. These are perfect to make your legs appear taller. Similarly, shorts teamed with tank tops and loose tops with layers can make petite figures look more slender.

Tip: If you are skinny, go for shift blouses. These add volume to your upper torso. Make sure you team these with pump heels or wedges.

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